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Which dart weight to choose? Heavy or light?
I was asked this question recently.
What weight of darts do the Pros use and why do many use lighter darts?
OK, I shall now make you sorry you asked, there will be a quiz at the end.
I shall now open myself up for abuse and contrary opinions as that is not what works for you. That is fine, you have the right to be wrong!
The theory is that heavier darts are easier to throw (less effort) but not as accurate (generality); lighter darts are easier to throw accurately and harder.
I was surprised by the lightweight darts most players really use.
I have started using 10 gm darts, and quite well, I also use 21 and 25gm darts and do switch from time to time. I also practice with a handful of different darts. I am comfortable with that, it gives some players conniptions to see me doing that, I have broken some golden rule.

This is from
If you can't figure out which set is suitable then probably none of the two sets is exactly right for you. The perfect situation would be you have one set of darts you feel completely comfortable with. As you play 28gr darts which is definitely on the very heavy side I'm thinking of you as a not-so experienced player. Usually experienced players don't throw heavier than 24gr. (e.g. Mike Gregory plays 24 and he is the *heaviest* amongst the pros as far as I know). There are some diffculties with the very heavy darts to get much better 'cause they don't react that sensible and throwers don't get enough *feedback* from the dart on how it *wants* to be thrown right. Heavy darts are okay for beginners and not so experienced players to develop a decent throwing technique, but once you upgrade to an average or expert player you might want a dart that reacts more sensible to your *work*. So when looking for something new, as I think this could be the right situation for you to do so and benefit from it, try something around 24 grams. I've talked to pro Rod Harrington some years ago, and he said he started with very heavy darts just like yours and when he tried lighter ones his game improved dramatically to the nearly perfect one he has now (the time we talked he was playing 18gr.).
If you go to the darts database you can check the darts and weights used by many players:
And stolen from a thread in the other forum:
As at 15th Jan 2014:

Stephen Bunting 12
Ted Hankey 14
Denis Preistley 15
Bob Anderson 18
Colin Lloyd 18
Kevin Painter 19
Mark Hylton 20
Alan Tabern 20
Andy Smith 20
Colin Osbourne 20
Denis Ovens 20
James Wade 20
Mark Webster 20
Paul Nicholson 20
Adrian Lewis 21
Joe Cullen 21
Mark Dudbridge 21
Robbie Green 21
Terry Jenkins 21
Dennis Smith 21
Dave Chisnall 22
Co Stompe 22
Gary Anderson 22
Gary Robson 22
Martin Adams 22
Mervyn King 22
Ronnie Baxter 22
Simon Whitloc 22k
Steve Beaton 22
Steve Brown 22
Tony Eccles 22
Tony O'Shea 22
Wes Newton 22
Dean Winstanley 22
Richie Burnett 23
Andy Hamilton 23
Wayne Jones 23
James Wilson 23
Jamie Caven 23
Jelle Klaasen 23
John Part 23
Justin Pipe 23
Richie George 23
Scott Rand 23
Vincent van der Voort 23
Scott Waites 23
Mark Walsh 24
Martin Atkins 24
Ross Montgomery 24
Wesley Harms 24
Brendan Dolan 24.5
Darryl Fitton 25
Michael van Gerwen 25
Nigel Heydon 25
Raymond van Barneveld 25
Dave Prins 26
Devon Peterson 26
Magnu Caris 26
Peter Wright 26
Phil Taylor 26
Robert Thornton 26
You don't mess with The Voice of Reason. You have the right to be wrong.


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