Not a Challenge, but a little Fun
Hello Challenge Junkies,

I have been doing some of the challenges and they are definitely fun.  But over the last week or two, I come up with some questions....

1. How do you decide when to start scoring?
  a. After x amount of practice throws, I will start.
  b. Do you start when you get a good score for the particular challenge
  c. Just pick a throw and say I am going to start now.  
  d. Something else???

2. Once you start a challenge, do you ever stop if things are not going well?

3. If you get interrupted during a challenge, after the interruption ends, do you throw some practice shots, or do you start right back up?

Just a little fun, maybe give you a little break from the challenges.

They have been killing me lately, I established my scores in 3 challenges within 2 days of starting them and have broken them since, oh well, more practice, I guess. 

Started playing September 2018

Board - Winmau - Blade 5 Dual Core
Match Darts - Swiss Point SP03 (Supergrip shafts, Retina flights)
Other Sets - a whole bunch of Ando's and almost every set of MVGs.  Too many to list.

Best 501 game - 14 (steel tip - 100, 140, 125, 41, 95 (T19 - D19); 15 (soft tip) 
Number of 180s - 2018 = 5; 2019 = 38; 2020 = 20 (3 in tourney and league play)
Highest checkout - 148 (T20 - T20 - D14)

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