Horizon darts, good shop and good darts
So I noticed that Horizon Darts was a new advertiser on Dartsnutz and decided to get some non-UK darts from them. I purchased a set of Horizon Femme Fatale #1 for my girlfriend and Shot! Harriers for myself. Their pricing was spot on and the shipping was great. Those FF darts are maybe the best purchase I've made so far. They come in a really good hard case with a dart tool for shafts and flights. The only change I made was to put a set of black and pink ringed aluminum shafts on them (even used the included Amazon slim flights). Two of the better players at the darts bar took a round with them and scored low tons that were a smidge away from hat tricks. They said the balance was superb and the grip was really nice. My girlfriend played global online matches (usually against people a couple of ratings above her) and won 9/10. I would really encourage people to take a look at their in house offerings, they might surprise you with their value.[Image: f0551b8843ec12aae54c8d9808ba3557.jpg]

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Horizon darts, good shop and good darts - by karmacappa - 03-16-2018, 09:43 AM

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