Team Big 5 signature darts coming soon from One80 Darts
Paul Brown from the Heart of Darts charity that I support also manages/sponsors a group of players in the BDO system under the name Team Big 5.  Next week sees their signature darts being unleashed on the public by One80 Darts:

Deta Hedman - can't remember what weights these will be available in
[Image: sAEN3s7.jpg]

Jim Williams
[Image: 4hloOea.jpg]

and Conan Whitehead
[Image: a5tGVAM.jpg]

Got to say I like the look of all three of these sets.

There are another couple of players in the team - Dan Day and Richie Edwards - but not sure if their darts are also being released by One80 next week.

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Team Big 5 signature darts coming soon from One80 Darts - by mc1958 - 08-25-2017, 01:23 PM

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