D.craft Saturn
(01-08-2017, 06:58 AM)ζερτηελ Ομεγα Wrote:
(01-04-2017, 12:28 AM)hotfootjonny Wrote: My board came in! Yay!

Wow! This board is super nice. I won't do a full on review, because the couple already up on the forums are really honest in their words. Can't say much more than what they already said.

What I like is the board has a interior pad so it make a fairly quiet thud rather than a plastic sounding bang.

Set up was a breeze. The directions are full on Japanese with no translation, but pretty descriptive with the pictures for set up.

We took a marker and lined it up at the required height using the mounting bracket.

The darts that came with it are quite nice, but as said before, the flights are rather cheap, but who could really complain. They're nicer than the standard plastic hunk-o-junk darts.

My 18oz Harrows ICE darts with regular stock tips really punch in. I may have to break the board in with the lighter darts first. That and custom backboard maybe...my kid already drilled a hole in the wall...

I'm a happy camper...

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Looks really great.
A friend of mine was looking for a board that works as well as the Granboard but not electronic.
Does the lippoint tips stick well with minimal bounce-outs?

I don't have any Lippoints at the moment. The tips that came with it are alright. Not great, but do bounce out on occasion. They look pretty short and stubby, but fairly strong and maintain shape. Thinking a longer, narrower tips will work better. The darts that came with it are pretty fragile, but its expected. With better shafts, they should be pretty good loaner darts.

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