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For the love of the game
Hi All 

 I unfortunately have become a victim of not letting the dart go this has been the case for around a year. Is this dartitus or a mental state of confidence I dont. So I called time I was a reasonable player most of the time 57-65 avg but could barely hit the board.

I lost any love for the game I even stopped following the fan pages and watching the game. I thought by cutting it out I would somehow learn to play again. 

A year down the line I still cant play. But my hunger, drive and desire for the game is back. The GSOD really gave me a boost seeing old faces made me enjoy the game and makes me now want to get past this 'bump in the road'.

So my question for you lovely ladies and gents any practice games etc to genrally improve my game (beginner level)

Mucho Love Shane'O'
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