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First night of trip 20's
So soft tip dart player who has been working on my throw for about a month now. Trying to get consistent. Have spent each night just trying to drill the bull just to get my throw down. Starting to get to the point where I feel its pretty consistent. Of course it comes and goes but basically I feel like I'm at least throwing the same way each time and issues are more with the release now.

Anyway, I decided to devote 20 minutes last night to going at the trip 20's. Since I'm a soft tip player we don't venture into that realm all that often. Quite an eye opener really. In some ways it almost seemed a little easier (the throw) because it seems like you can really let it fly. Which in some ways makes it more easy to repeat. But boy if the aim is off you really have darts ending up a long ways a way from the target. Where when you are shooting bulls all the time the grouping seems tighter even if you are missing.

Much respect to you steel tip guys, but man I think I could get used to steel tips. Unfortunately in part of the country its basically all soft tip.

Although I definitely felt some arm muscles getting used that may not get used that much in a normal soft tip game. Actually was kind of sore after 20 minutes of chucking at the trip 20. Guests cannot see images in the messages. Please register at the forum by clicking here to see images.

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