Elevation vs Windage
Excuses (haha): I'm still trying to get my old form back (from a 17 year absence from playing).

I am still very much lacking in consistency and often times this doesn't apply, so standard disclaimer here. 

That said - often I can hit height very well - as accurately as I used to be able to.  What I cannot do is stay in a vertical line.  My windage is all over the place.  I hit the right height, and yet I'm way off in terms of right-or-left. 

In my younger days it was the opposite.  Twenty and three where my best beds, and Eleven and Six were my worst (except for doubles, hahaha, which I focused on those with my outs in doubles back then... for weal or woe). 

Something still isn't right with my throws, but I'm just documenting this here so I can reflect on it later.  Heh.
I would try adjusting your stance at the oche. Dynamite Dave in a how to video on youtube says to throw more from the side of your face instead of blocking the board trying to line the dart up to your face. I used to throw trying to line up the flight in front of my eye and then followed his advice and it worked for me.
I find concentrating on just moving my forearm when I throw and keeping everything else as still as possible helps straighten my throw out when I'm drifting into the 1s and 5s
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If you are on a proper board (Log End or Sisal) then you can try hanging a "plumb bob" - a weighted piece of string.

Just loop it though the zero on the '20'

And then just try to 'cut the thread' - just clipping the string will get a modest adrenaline burst - if you cut it clean in half then your journey is almost over... just need to pop to the hardware store to buy a new plumb bob line.
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Welcome to the club.   I spent almost 20 years away from the oche, returned ~5 years ago and experienced that same problem (among more than a few others) for a while.   I remember one night when my partner commented on how well I pounded the 18 and I didn’t have the heart to tell him I was shooting at the 20.   I did find one very simple solution, though: practice.   I found that practicing for 45 minutes/day made all the problems get vastly less severe.   None of them have totally gone away, but I’ve gotten all of them beaten down to a minimal level.   I tried all sorts of hopeful solutions along the way--like shooting at little 1” circular stickers that people use for garage sale price tags and all sorts of other desperation-driven ideas--but regular, steady, unrelenting practice was the main thing that really helped.  

There is one other thing, though.   You didn’t mention whether or not you’re shooting your old darts from way back when.   I started back in with my old darts, and they just didn’t feel right or work well for me any more.   After a lot of trial, error and dart-buying, I ended up with front-tapered darts that are 5g lighter and using medium shafts instead of short ones.   I’ve been using that new setup for >3 years now and it’s helped a lot.

Good luck with overcoming your quandary.
I appreciate all the suggestions!

To answer a few of the questions... I'm throwing on both a bristle board @7' 9 1/4" and a soft tip board @8'.  I only threw steel tip back when I was active the first time, but for a variety of reasons I'm giving soft tip a go as well.  

As for darts... I still have my old set (26g thin/straight/knurled) and some new sets, but 26g is way too heavy for soft tip.  For soft tip I'm throwing 18g or so.  And I'm still figuring out what I like in terms of grip (front, back, center), dart size/weight/balance, etc. etc.   

And to make everything even worse, I'm throwing about 70% right handed and about 30% left handed.  Err, hehe.  

So it's very possible all this variety is also making it more difficult for me to settle down.  Still, I'm enjoying this sort of chaotic time.  I think as I get more consistent, likely I fill find a favorite set of darts, likely I will find a favorite stance, and likely I will at least improve somewhat. 

Furthermore, I'd like to comment that one of the ways I'm really struggling is how I hold the dart with my fingers.  If I hold it "correctly" (not even sure what correct is - seems like the more I pay attention to it, the more is slips away, but when I just forget to pay attention, it's like zen or something - it's just there) my entire arm follows and the throw feels great.  If I hold it just a bit off, that tiny difference seems to manifest as a half a foot of incorrect motion in my elbow, hahaha, or worse, jerking the dart instead of a smooth release.  Though it may merely seem like it's my fingers, and actually not be.  Still not sure, hahaha.  But I will see about focusing on just my forearm/hand and see what that does.

I especially like the "plumb bob" idea.  I don't think I will ever hit it, but on the other hand, sometimes impossible goals find us achieving the impossible.  

Still, I think probably the best suggestion and reality is just that I need to keep practicing consistently.  I still wear out/get lazy/sloppy if I play for 45 minutes straight.  But my endurance is improving I think.  I just need to keep it up, which I intend to do Smile

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