Target Mikuru Suzuki soft tips
New Mikuru Suzuki soft tip arrows out 26th May

Jadeite (Jedi):
95% tungsten
Total Length: 48 mm
Maximum Diameter: 6.8 mm
Barrel weight: 20 g

[Image: bZ7APnu.jpg]

[Image: eBrxA2T.jpg]
Yup, I LIKE those.
[Image: ARJSu2G.jpg]
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i like those too! its an interesting grip. i hope they use it again on some newer steel tip barrels
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oh my.... Big Grin i love the look of those!

lol spencer... haha
That rear grip is similar to the Paul Lim Gen 2 darts. I like it but it's not ideal for me, the feel from the Paul darts were a little jarring, like Adrian Lewis Gen 3 darts with a more uneven finish in the grip. I'd like if the grip stretched past the center with more ring grip in front.
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I like the Lim's and this grip looks a bit more aggressive
Uhm...nice shape, length and grip for me. I don't like both the color and, most probably, the price
Finallty ordered some of these last night now they are available in the UK, didn't realise Jadeite "meant" Jedi though, makes them even more awesome!
Don't forget the unique Bantha Milk coating - you'll be bullseyeing Womp Rats in no time.
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(03-18-2019, 10:13 AM)Ryk Wrote: Don't forget the unique Bantha Milk coating - you'll be bullseyeing Womp Rats in no time.
They'll need to be bigger than 2 metres for that!

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They look awesome, but a bit over-weighted and I believe pricy to me.
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