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What is Darts Nutz Forum? - Getagrip - 03-21-2013

Well the forum was originally started in January 2012 by 3 guys who were very keen and enthusiastic to start a new darts forum.

The forum was initially started by Andy Bailey and was helped to launch by Darren (thats me Getagrip) and Larry (Saber).

The intention of the first forum we made was to focus mainly on darts history and darts collecting and to be a place for fellow collectors to trade and sell vintage darts and memorabilia, it was called The Darting Era.

Then we realised it would be too limiting to have such a forum and made it into a more general darts forum but still with an strong emphasis on darts collecting and history.

The forum was hosted on Forumotion, which was a free host and really took off after the first 6 months averaging 160+ new members a month, which far exceeded our expectations.

Problems with Forumotion and the rapid growth of our membership meant we had to seek a paid for host and start again, hence from March 2013 we had to start afresh here at www.dartsnutz.net. Sadly we were not able to transfer all content to the new host but have copied and pasted many of the interesting threads from the old site.

The forum is a great friendly place for all people of all ages and all skill levels to talk about darts and seek tips and help or just to show off their collections and also to buy, sell or swap darts.

We have a lot of great members and many have a lot of years experience playing darts and some at a very high level, so their is always someone who can help if you have a problem.

If your interested in vintage darts and darts history then this is a fantastic place to be as myself and other members are some of the biggest collectors in the world or have a great knowledge of darts history.

We also have great prize competitions often, so you could get lucky and win something very nice such as the latest must have dartsSmile

There is something for every one at Darts Nutz to enjoy and get involved in and we are all a friendly bunch here so look forward to welcoming you!Smile

Thanks for reading and hop aboard, the Nutz journey is great!

RE: What is Darts Nutz Forum? - Lefty544 - 03-25-2013

This is he first forum I have ever been a part of and it truly is a great forum. I'm happy to be a member and a mod and I look forward to some great things to come

RE: What is Darts Nutz Forum? - REBEL - 03-25-2013

Think of it as planting a tree in a plant pot, that planter was the old forum.

Unfortunately the Darts Nutz tree grew too big for the pot (which is why the old forum was running slow) and so needed re-planted in a beautiful open field for all to see.

Now, hopefully, the Darts Nutz tree can continue to grow, free of restrictions (the planter) and faster and stronger than ever. Saucey

RE: What is Darts Nutz Forum? - Mr 180 - 08-09-2014

Hey Nutz just wanna thank you all for such a great forum! Wow you guys have done a lot in such a short time, glad I found ya.

Been lurking around a few forums in past few weeks but this one is really something else, it's got a lot of everything and then some. Great work!

RE: What is Darts Nutz Forum? - *Saber* - 08-09-2014

Thanks - comment much appreciated

RE: What is Darts Nutz Forum? - Mr 180 - 08-09-2014

(08-09-2014, 06:37 PM)*Saber* Wrote: Thanks - comment much appreciated

And very much deserved Mr Sabre, many thanks! Smile

RE: What is Darts Nutz Forum? - Infiniti Darts - 08-09-2014

Best Darts Forum out there - enough said

RE: What is Darts Nutz Forum? - Getagrip - 08-09-2014

Thanks! Smile

RE: What is Darts Nutz Forum? - Rodney - 08-09-2014

I have to say that since starting to play darts I have only joined this forum and will NOT be joining any other. This is a fantastic place to spend my time, the people are friendly, the advice is great, I enjoy the reviews, challenges, buying, selling and swapping darts. I feel like this is my other family, Thank you all!!!

RE: What is Darts Nutz Forum? - Getagrip - 08-09-2014

Cheers Dave a Darts Family is what it is and what it should remain Smile

RE: What is Darts Nutz Forum? - JayKay - 08-09-2014

I agree, the best darts forum on the net. I lurked about a few of the forums but this one sucked me in straight away. Easy to navigate and many great helpful members here. And it's been great to be part of this phenomenal growth.
As Mike said, best darts forum out there, enough said.

RE: What is Darts Nutz Forum? - Spartan - 08-09-2014

Echo what daveh said. This was my first forum and not joined others and doubt I ever will.

RE: What is Darts Nutz Forum? - *Saber* - 08-09-2014

Thanks peeps- I think the forum is more than just darts, its our main purpose don't get me wrong but we discuss a lot of social interests and have fun doing it.

RE: What is Darts Nutz Forum? - Getagrip - 08-09-2014

Oh and we help the aged ^^^^ Wink

RE: What is Darts Nutz Forum? - JayKay - 08-09-2014

And the broken ^^