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8mm barrels - Breadfan - 12-01-2020

I throw the Harrows Black ICE 24 gram with the Shark grip. Best dart I've thrown. The barrel is 7.1x43mm. I strongly feel that an 8mm barrel would release better out of my clunky fingers. Can this barrel be replicated length wise, but enlarging the barrel to 8mm? I have thought of adding another shark bite to the back and the front, which would cut down on weight a little but can you vary the metals used to get at my desired final weight and length? I'd also like to make all the bites the same size. I like the coating too, but I don't have to have it.

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RE: 8mm barrels - Hazza - 12-01-2020


They should be able to do this.

RE: 8mm barrels - Custom Made Darts - 12-01-2020

Hi Breadfan,

Yes we'd able to make those darts at an increased diameter of 8.00mm.

If you could e-mail us at info@custommadedarts.com we can discuss the design further as we'd need a bit more detail from the barrels you have.

Many Thanks


RE: 8mm barrels - Breadfan - 12-02-2020

Thank you, I will be in touch soon.

RE: 8mm barrels - Breadfan - 12-03-2020

I've ordered a set of cheap brass darts to make sure I like the size, then I will start the process. I really think the smaller 7mm barrels is one part of the throw that is keeping me from being more consistent.

RE: 8mm barrels - Hazza - 12-03-2020

Good way to try them on for size first with the brass barrels

RE: 8mm barrels - Breadfan - 12-03-2020

(12-03-2020, 01:33 PM)Hazza Wrote: Good way to try them on for size first with the brass barrels

Yes, Harrows makes incredibly inexpensive nice brass barrels that are perfect for trying out and then just keeping them around for anyone to use. A great beginners dart. I bought my daughter who goes to Univ. of Florida, two sets for her apartment. With all the parties they have, no big loss if they get lost or grow legs and walk off.