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Drawing to side of face or to the eye? - UncleJJ - 01-03-2020

I've noticed most of the top pros draw the dart under their eye on the "backswing", or to the cheek or chin.  Some, like RVB, draw to the side of their face or ear.

When setting up to draw the dart under my eye, my hand blocks the target.  The only way to remedy this is to drop my elbow at set-up, causing my upper arm to no longer be parallel to the ground.

For those who draw to the eye, how do you focus on the target if it is blocked by your hand?  I cannot understand this, and yet I do see the benefit of drawing the dart straight back on the eye-line.

What am I missing?

RE: Drawing to side of face or to the eye? - Cateye - 01-03-2020

I draw the dart before my right eye but focus with both eyes, then it does not matter if my hand blocks the right-eye line of sight.
Never focus your eyesight on the dart.

RE: Drawing to side of face or to the eye? - Gooddark - 01-03-2020

I stare at my target while drawing . Never taking eyes from target /losing focus As previous poster mentioned and shoot through the stare.

From what I have learned and gathered , Your vision may be obstructed for a few frames when draw blocks vision but if you don’t lose focus and eyes stay on target, say 60% (guess for  fun) your brain can gather enough information to keep your depth perception accurate and not be thrown off by losing sight without dominant eye for a few frames.

I’m sure you can search the forum for plenty discussion on this, with much more accurate analysis of what happens through the process of this scenario.