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old bristows - Smithyy_ - 06-21-2019

My old man has this old set of gold bristles that bristow gave to him when he was younger, just wondering how rare and how much price range?

[Image: 4uNU8jl.jpg]

RE: old bristows - mc1958 - 06-21-2019

Allegedly only 50 sets were made, and we seem to have seen most of them posted on this forum. Not got a clue how much they would be worth other than I think the first person who posted them on here was trying to sell them for £1500 or thereabouts - about 3 times too much in my opinion.

If you want to sell them then either ebay or one of the facebook swap groups would be your best bet as you need to have made 50 posts in order to use the buy and sell section on here.

RE: old bristows - Zeeple - 06-21-2019

Nice set. You should feel lucky to have such a gem in your collection (or your father's collection, I guess). Hang on to them. Doesn't matter how much you can get for them, better to have the darts!

RE: old bristows - ChrisTheFish - 06-21-2019

Gold “Cocked Hand “ Bristows , can’t see anyone wanting them LOL

RE: old bristows - Bloodycut - 06-27-2019

Excellent set