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Resize Imgur Picture Shares - nixer55 - 04-26-2019

Resize Imgur Images by Editing Link

Covered this in another guide, but deserves mention on its own.  Sometimes pictures are very large, and completely fill the available space in a post.  When reading threads, this can be a little annoying.  Or perhaps you're authoring a review or another type of complex post.  In such cases, you might want to resize pics for a nice symmetrical look.  Or to avoid blowing up other reader's screens! Tongue

With Imgur links, you can edit the actual link to resize the picture.  Place one of the illustrated letters just before the file extension, which is usually ".jpg" or ".png" for digital camera photos.  The chart below summarizes the effect:

s = Small Square (90×90)
b = Big Square (160×160)
t = Small Thumbnail (160×160)
m = Thumbnail (320×320)
l (lower case 'L') = Thumbnail (640×640)
h = Thumbnail (1024×1024)

Place just before the period and extension letters:



Resize to 320 X 320 thumbnail:


N.B. The above are links, not embedded images, but you can see the effect.  And illustrates where to place the letter code.

How to see the actual embedded link?  Well it's visible in the quick reply editor by default when you quote.  Or in the main editor, turn on the "Show Source" function.  See screenshot below:

[Image: MZ7KSPAh.jpg]

This increases readability, and makes your post more visually appealing!