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advice to beat a bad day! - JP Ahinko - 01-10-2019

throwing like sh.t? 26s and cant seem to find any doubles? do you start swearing and be frustrated while you still have games to play? 

that wont get you far. smile. its a proven psychological trick that if you fake smile, youll start to feel better. just concentrate on your throw and no matter how it goes, when you walk to pick up your darts, put up a wide fake smile. youll start to feel better and you give yourself a better chance to get back into your game.

today we played 501 with my buddy and were throwing like sh.t.. we decided to start fake smiling instead of cursing what is wrong with us. we started to play better, our averages started rising.. and suddenly we both hit 180s back to back! 
we usually play our A-game if were at 60 3dart averages, so hitting 180s after 10legs of 35-40 averages felt great and saved our day. and we felt pretty good even tho our games were plain bad, because smiling and laughing about it, made us feel better.

try it! Smile happy games!

advice to beat a bad day! - DAVEISTHENAME - 01-10-2019

I always take pictures of my good finishes , 180,s etc... sort of a Album and after a bad Game I can look through them and it reminds me what I'm capable of.

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RE: advice to beat a bad day! - JP Ahinko - 01-11-2019

thats good also Dave!

RE: advice to beat a bad day! - Atilla - 01-11-2019

Good advice JP! I always started cursing and beating myself up after a few bad visits. It only helped my opponent knowing that I was down. I actually lost the joy in playing darts, just because I wanted the best result every time. It is just not gonna happen. I started fake smiling about a year ago and my average is actually a lot higher. I guess it is because your confidence level drops massively after beating yourself up over a bad score. Don't get me wrong, I still have way more bad scores that good ones, especially in match play, but it is good to remember the fun side. That is why we starting playing after all

RE: advice to beat a bad day! - Papa w - 01-11-2019

I know it sounds simple but you just gotta write it off and forget it because if you don’t it’s then when you start questioning your throw,action ,darts etc and it then gets in your head etc and as darts is so much a mental thing as well it can blow your mind...
Just focus on the good times you played and even during a bad day their will always be one good throw,one good dart you threw exactly how you wanted...Focus and that
Believe in yourself and remember to have fun with it.... it’s a game we all love

RE: advice to beat a bad day! - JP Ahinko - 01-11-2019

yes exatcly! good replies : )

RE: advice to beat a bad day! - volla - 01-11-2019

Linie Aquavit might help too.......... Big Grin

RE: advice to beat a bad day! - JP Ahinko - 01-11-2019

or Jack Daniels Honey...