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Target Japan - Rebel Reborn soft tips - mc1958 - 06-12-2018

[Image: PMOsw0X.jpg]
Translation from facebook:

Tungsten 90 % barrel of authentic-oriented specs.
Based on tour pro's opinion, a high-quality dart barrel is completed with a black functional coating.


Professional Tour Perfect: the dancing player of the dance.
The Length of 52 mm long, 52 mm long, with the essence of steel darts, on key points.
The main point is to finish the grip in a barrel, and put a composite groove on it.
It is easy to have a beginner, and does not feel the weight of 21 g.

Total Length: 52 mm
Maximum Diameter: 7.4 mm
Barrel weight: 21 g


Professional tour perfect. The second generation of Jun Kawashima's model.
Slim straight outline, a grip area specialized in moderate and release.
He changed the design and made changes to barrel weight, and was updated to fight for combat.

Total Length: 49.6 mm
Maximum Diameter: 6.1 mm
Barrel weight: 18 g


The second generation of Indigo Hideki's model, who is active in Pro Tour Japan.
Based on a slightly fat short straight barrel, set up player obsession design and standard grip area.
In the barrel weight of max configuration, grouping performance is also significantly up.

Total Length: 39 mm
Maximum Diameter: 7.1 mm
Barrel weight: 19.2 g

Release Date: 2018 June 26 (Tue)
Manufacturer desired retail price: each ¥ 8,200 -

[Image: HDTdtkU.jpg]

[Image: 5CpYWgQ.jpg]

[Image: kZ4AEHa.jpg]

RE: Target Japan - Rebel Reborn soft tips - mc1958 - 06-12-2018

Some more good looking darts from Target Japan - I reckon the Wayfarer would look good in a steel tip version as well

Target Japan - Rebel Reborn soft tips - LethalEagle - 06-12-2018

Wayfarer and Renegade 2.0 reach out to me. They look stellar indeed.

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RE: Target Japan - Rebel Reborn soft tips - Humdinger - 06-12-2018

The Rebel 2.0 are much more appealing design than the original.

RE: Target Japan - Rebel Reborn soft tips - Great White North - 06-12-2018

All look good to me, here we go again. Rolleyes Big Grin