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RE: BOB'S 27 - Rodney - 09-20-2016

(09-20-2016, 07:20 AM)FromTheRear180 Wrote: 183 for me.  don't think i'll beat that anytime soon.  Thanks!

Nice shooting


RE: BOB'S 27 - Tom12481 - 09-22-2016

Fail more often than complete. but managed 189 last night.

RE: BOB'S 27 - Rodney - 09-24-2016


RE: BOB'S 27 - Seedykiwi - 09-29-2016

Love this game used to play it all the time.. My best is 441

RE: BOB'S 27 - Rodney - 10-04-2016


RE: BOB'S 27 - Titchayers - 11-10-2016

Finished this game (without using negative numbers) for the first time ever the other day.

I finished on 97.

I was on 47 coming into the bull, managed to sneak my last dart in to complete the drill, biggest celebration I think I've ever done haha.

RE: BOB'S 27 - Getagrip - 11-10-2016

Nice one! Smile

RE: BOB'S 27 - mcockrell - 11-10-2016

i probably did this drill about a thousand times before i finally completed it. the funny thing is that the first time i completed it is still my highest score. i dont remember the exact figure but its around 350ish i think.

normally when i do this drill one of two things happen: first, i get all the way to 20 or B before i lose. that sucks so hard. especially if you havent completed it yet. it used to piss me off so bad to go out on 20 or B. but now i dont really pay attention to the score ,its all about getting the practice in. i think the score is just there to keep you entertained so that it doesnt really feel like practice.

if i dont bust on 20 or B i will usually complete it with a pretty high score. lots of times when ive told friends about my score on this game they will swear that im lying. ive had a few people tell me "theres no way you can get a score that high". but its really not that hard to get a high score. if you hit just the 20 and B thats 90 points right there. if you hit just one of each number 16-B you will have over 300 points. so you can miss 2 numbers 16-B but hit two of the remaining numbers and still have well over 300 points and depending on which numbers you hit it might be over 400 points.

great job on the completion! it took me forever to get the first one, but the same day i first did it i also completed it 2 or 3 more times. so hopefully your 2nd and 3rd and 4th wont be too far behind!!


RE: BOB'S 27 - Rodney - 11-11-2016


RE: BOB'S 27 - Weirhere - 12-20-2016

Just finish withe 139! Highest ever. This game makes me frustrated doing. I put a old board up at work so during lunch my friend and I started doing drills like bobs and baseball .

RE: BOB'S 27 - HeBeGB - 01-12-2017



BOB'S 27 - joeriw96 - 01-21-2017

Scored 9! Just happy to finish lol Big Grin

RE: BOB'S 27 - elevendarter - 01-23-2017

(01-21-2017, 07:39 PM)joeriw96 Wrote: Scored 9! Just happy to finish lol Big Grin

Anytime I manage to go through it successfullly I am glad I did. No matter how low my score is :-) 9 is good... next time it may be over 400, it usually depends on the proper doubles being hit :-)

RE: BOB'S 27 - gumbo2176 - 01-23-2017

I tried this drill out for the first time a couple weeks ago and only got to 8's the first time, finished the second attempt with 85 points and the 4th attempt with just over 100. I've tried it a couple more times since then and haven't gotten past 12 in any attempt so far.

This is a good drill, but it can be frustrating at times, especially with early successes making it seem much easier than it really is.

Boy, do I need work on my doubles throwing, especially the ones not often used.

RE: BOB'S 27 - Rodney - 01-25-2017