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PDC 9 Darters - mc1958 - 10-30-2017

I deleted the other thread as it was getting a bit cumbersome so reposting to split the 9 darters up - this post will be for all Televised 9 darters, and will also include those that were streamed via the official LivePDC stream:

TELEVISED 9 DARTERS (includes streamed via livepdc.tv)

1/8/2002: PHIL TAYLOR vs Chris Mason (World Matchplay, Quarter-Final)
5/6/2004: PHIL TAYLOR vs Matt Chapman (UK Open, Last 32)
12/6/2005: PHIL TAYLOR vs Roland Scholten (UK Open, Semi-Final)
23/3/2006: RAYMOND VAN BARNEVELD vs Peter Manley (Premier League, Week 5)
17/2/2007: MICHAEL VAN GERWEN vs Raymond van Barneveld (Masters Of Darts, Semi-Final)
8/5/2007: PHIL TAYLOR vs Raymond van Barneveld (International Darts League, Last 16 Group)
9/5/2007: TONY O’SHEA vs Adrian Lewis (International Darts League, Last 16 Group)
9/6/2007: PHIL TAYLOR vs Wes Newton (UK Open, Last 32)
7/6/2008: PHIL TAYLOR vs Jamie Harvey (UK Open, Last 32)
22/9/2008: ADRIAN LEWIS vs James Wade (Championship League Darts, Group 3)
20/11/2008: JAMES WADE vs Gary Anderson (Grand Slam Of Darts, Last 16)
2/1/2009: RAYMOND VAN BARNEVELD vs Jelle Klaasen (PDC World Championship, Quarter-Final)
15/9/2009: PHIL TAYLOR vs John Part (Championship League Darts, Group 1)
24/9/2009: JELLE KLAASEN vs Colin Osborne (Championship League Darts, Group 6)
27/9/2009: MERVYN KING vs James Wade (South African Masters, Semi-Final)
28/12/2009: RAYMOND VAN BARNEVELD vs Brendan Dolan (PDC World Championship, Last 32)
29/4/2010: RAYMOND VAN BARNEVELD vs Terry Jenkins (Premier League, Week 12)
24/5/2010: PHIL TAYLOR vs James Wade (Premier League, Final)
24/5/2010: PHIL TAYLOR vs James Wade (Premier League, Final)
5/6/2010: MERVYN KING vs Gary Anderson (UK Open, Quarter-Final)
17/7/2010: RAYMOND VAN BARNEVELD vs Denis Ovens (World Matchplay, Last 32)
3/1/2011: ADRIAN LEWIS vs Gary Anderson (PDC World Championship, Final)
16/7/2011: JOHN PART vs Mark Webster (World Matchplay, Last 32)
31/7/2011: ADRIAN LEWIS vs Raymond van Barneveld (European Championship, Semi-Final)
8/10/2011: BRENDAN DOLAN vs James Wade (World Grand Prix, Semi-Final)
12/10/2011: SIMON WHITLOCK vs Jamie Caven (Championship League Darts, Group 5)
20/10/2011: PHIL TAYLOR vs Mervyn King (Championship League Darts, Winners Group)
16/2/2012: PHIL TAYLOR vs Kevin Painter (Premier League, Week 2)
17/5/2012: SIMON WHITLOCK vs Andy Hamilton (Premier League, Semi-Final)
8/6/2012: GARY ANDERSON vs Davy Dodds (UK Open, Last 64)
25/7/2012: MICHAEL VAN GERWEN vs Steve Beaton (World Matchplay, Last 16)
26/7/2012: WES NEWTON vs Justin Pipe (World Matchplay, Last 16)
23/12/2012: DEAN WINSTANLEY vs Vincent van der Voort (PDC World Championship, Last 32)
30/12/2012: MICHAEL VAN GERWEN vs James Wade (PDC World Championship, Semi-Final)
29/6/2013: ROSS SMITH vs Adrian Lewis (Gibraltar Darts Trophy, Last 32)
24/9/2013: PHIL TAYLOR vs Adrian Lewis (Championship League Darts, Group 1)
15/10/2013: MERVYN KING vs Gary Anderson (Championship League Darts, Group 4)
15/10/2013: MICHAEL VAN GERWEN vs Terry Jenkins (Championship League Darts, Group 4)
17/10/2013: KIM HUYBRECHTS vs Paul Nicholson (Championship League Darts, Group 6)
14/12/2013: TERRY JENKINS vs Per Laursen (PDC World Championship, Last 64)
14/12/2013: KYLE ANDERSON vs Ian White (PDC World Championship, Last 64)
23/7/2014: PHIL TAYLOR vs Michael Smith (World Matchplay, Last 16)
8/10/2014: JAMES WADE vs Robert Thornton (World Grand Prix, Last 16)
8/10/2014: ROBERT THORNTON vs James Wade (World Grand Prix, Last 16)
26/10/2014: MICHAEL VAN GERWEN vs Raymond van Barneveld (European Championship, Semi-Final)
14/11/2014: KIM HUYBRECHTS vs Michael van Gerwen (Grand Slam Of Darts, Quarter-Final)
30/12/2014: ADRIAN LEWIS vs Raymond van Barneveld (PDC World Championship, Last 16)
22/08/2015: PHIL TAYLOR vs Peter Wright (World Series of Darts, Sydney, Semi Final)
8/11/2015: DAVE CHISNALL vs Peter Wright (Grand Slam Of Darts, Group Stage)
2/1/2016: GARY ANDERSON vs Jelle Klaasen (PDC World Championship, Semi Final)
5/3/2016: MICHAEL VAN GERWEN vs Rob Cross (UK Open, 4th Round)
14/4/2016: ADRIAN LEWIS vs James Wade (Premier League, Week 11)
25/11/2016: ALAN NORRIS vs Michael Smith (Players Championship Finals, First Round)
10/2/2017: MICHAEL VAN GERWEN vs Ryan Murray (UK Open Qualifier 4, Third Round)
10/2/2017: MICHAEL VAN GERWEN vs Ryan Murray (UK Open Qualifier 4, Third Round)
11/2/2017: DARREN WEBSTER vs Benito Van De Pas (UK Open Qualifier 5, Fourth Round)
11/2/2017: RONNY HUYBRECHTS vs Darren Webster (UK Open Qualifier 5, Quarter Final)
12/3/2017: JOE CULLEN vs Jim Brown (Players Championship 4, Second Round)
13/4/2017: ADRIAN LEWIS vs Raymond van Barneveld (Premier League, Week 11)
29/4/2017: MICHAEL VAN GERWEN vs Robert Thornton (Players Championship 9, Final)
30/4/2017: PETER WRIGHT vs Michael Smith (Players Championship 10, Semi Final)
10/10/2017: DAVE CHISNALL vs Ryan Searle (Players Championship 21, First Round)
29/10/2017: KYLE ANDERSON vs Michael van Gerwen (European Darts Championship, Semi Final)
30/06/2018: MICHAEL VAN GERWEN vs Ryan Joyce ( European Darts Matchplay )
26/7/2018: GARY ANDERSON vs Joe Cullen (World Matchplay, Quarter Final)
14/11/2018: DIMITRI VAN DEN BERGH vs Stephen Bunting (Grand Slam of Darts, Last 16)
11/2/2019: CHRIS DOBEY vs Dave Prins (Players Championship 2, Second Round)
11/2/2019: MICHAEL VAN GERWEN vs Jonny Clayton (Players Championship 2, Quarter Final)
16/2/2019:  MICHAEL VAN GERWEN vs Jamie Hughes (Players Championship 3, Third Round)
23/2/2019: DANNY NOPPERT vs Gabriel Clemens (Players Championship 5, Semi Final)
24/3/2019: MICHAEL VAN GERWEN vs Mensur Suljovic (European Darts Open, Semi Final)
31/3/2019: JAMES WADE vs Darren Webster (ET2, German Darts Championship , Third Round)
26/4/2019: STEVE BEATON vs Kirk Shepherd (ET4, German Darts Open, First Round)
19/5/2019: ROBERT THORNTON vs Krzysztof Ratajski (Players Championship 16, Last 16)
29/6/2019: GERWYN PRICE vs Glen Durrant (ET9, Czech Darts Open, Second Round)
16/7/2019: KYLE ANDERSON vs Steve Lennon (Players Championship 19, First Round)
22/9/2019: IAN WHITE vs Mensur Suljovic (Players Championship 26, Finals)
29/9/2019: DAVE CHISNALL vs James Wade (ET13, Gibraltar Darts Open, Quarter Final)
23/11/2019: MICHAEL VAN GERWEN vs Adrian Lewis (Players Championship Finals, Second Round)
9/2/2020: SCOTT BAKER vs Danny Noppert (Players Championship 2, First Round)
15/2/2020: MENSUR SULJOVIC vs Jeff Smith (Players Championship 3, First Round)
27/2/2020: MICHAEL SMITH vs Daryl Gurney (Premier League, Week 4)

RE: PDC 9 Darters - mc1958 - 10-30-2017

This post will be for any non-televised 9 darters:


20/11/1996: Phil Taylor vs Dennis Priestley (Sunparks Masters, Final)
14/4/1999: Ronnie Baxter vs ????? (Antwerp Open)
4/6/2000: Graeme Stoddart vs Ian Eames (Swiss Open, Round 2)
4/2/2001: Shayne Burgess vs ????? (Eastbourne Open)
24/2/2002: Steve Beaton vs Ian Eames (Irish Masters)
3/3/2002: Alan Warriner-Little vs Cliff Lazarenko (Ireland Open Spring Classic)
3/3/2002: Paul Williams vs Dennis Priestley (Ireland Open Spring Classic)
12/5/2002: Lionel Sams vs Ronnie Baxter (Le Skratch Montreal Open, Last 32)
23/5/2003: Roland Scholten vs Alan Warriner (Golden Harvest North American Cup)
23/5/2003: Shawn Brenneman vs ????? (Golden Harvest North American Cup)
26/4/2004: Wayne Mardle vs Les Hodkinson (Open Holland, Last 32)
16/10/2004: Yves Cottenje vs Alex Roy (Players Championship: Ireland, Round 1)
16/10/2004: Chris Mason vs Sean Palfrey (Players Championship: Ireland)
18/6/2005: Colin Osborne vs Ken Thomas (World Matchplay Qualifier, Last 128)
24/9/2005: Roland Scholten vs James Wade (Players Championship: Ireland, Quarter-Final)
19/2/2006: Colin Lloyd vs Dennis Priestley (Irish Masters, Final)
10/3/2006: Alan Tabern vs ????? (Vauxhall Spring Pro, Round 1)
19/3/2006: James Wade vs John Part (UK Open North West Qualifier, Last 16)
17/6/2006: Colin Osborne vs Michael Kendrick (Players Championship: Hayling Island 1, Last 64)
18/6/2006: James Wade vs Alan Warriner-Little (Players Championship: Hayling Island 2, Last 32)
18/11/2006: James Wade vs Kevin McDine (Vauxhall Autumn Open, Semi-Final)
20/7/2007: Gary Barnett vs Kevin Hill (World Darts Trophy Qualifiers, Last 128)
1/12/2007: Jason Clark vs Mark Lentz (PDC German Darts Championship, Last 128)
1/12/2007: Raymond van Barneveld vs Detlef Bietz (PDC German Darts Championship, Last 128)
22/3/2008: Colin Lloyd vs Colin Monk (Players Championship: Germany 1, Last 64)
23/3/2008: Dave Askew vs James Wade (Players Championship: Germany 2, Last 32)
23/3/2008: Phil Taylor vs Ronnie Baxter (Players Championship: Germany 2, Last 16)
19/4/2008: Colin Osborne vs Lionel Sams (Players Championship: Glasgow, Last 64)
30/6/2008: Roger Carter vs Wes Newton (Las Vegas Desert Classic Qualifier 1, Last 32)
1/7/2008: Ronnie Baxter vs Simon Whatley (Las Vegas Desert Classic Qualifier 2, Last 64)
30/8/2008: John Magowan vs Steve Maish (Players Championship: Eindhoven 1, Last 128)
8/11/2008: Jelle Klaasen vs Terry Jenkins (Players Championship: Holland 1, Last 32)
17/1/2009: Mark Walsh vs Jamie Caven (Players Championship: Gibraltar 1, Last 64)
28/3/2009: Mervyn King vs Stuart Bousfield (Players Championship: Midlands, Last 32)
29/3/2009: Raymond van Barneveld vs Kirk Shepherd (UK Open Qualifier: Midlands, Last 32)
5/4/2009: Vincent van der Voort vs Mario Masurka (Players Championship: Nuland 2, Last 128)
18/4/2009: Gary Anderson vs Darren Latham (Players Championship: East Midlands, Last 64)
14/6/2009: Colin Monk vs Ray Farrell (Players Championship: Barnsley 2, Last 128)
20/6/2009: Andy Smith vs Mark Walsh (Players Championship: Germany 1, Quarter-Final)
30/6/2009: Larry Butler vs Jan van der Rassel (Players Championship: Las Vegas, Last 128)
30/6/2009: Wes Newton vs Colin Osborne (Players Championship: Las Vegas, Last 32)
5/9/2009: Adrian Lewis vs Carlos Rodriguez (Players Championship: Austria 1, Final)
7/2/2010: Matt Clark vs Dave Askew (Players Championship: Gibraltar 2, Last 128)
20/3/2010: Andy Hamilton vs Alan Tabern (Players Championship: Crawley 1, Last 32)
8/5/2010: Andy Hamilton vs Dennis Priestley (Players Championship: Wigan 3, Last 32)
9/5/2010: Co Stompe vs Vincent van der Voort (UK Open Qualifier 8, Last 64)
16/5/2010: Simon Whitlock vs Phil Taylor (Players Championship: Austria 2, Final)
27/6/2010: Colin Lloyd vs Dave Switzer (PDC U.S Open, Last 64)
5/9/2010: Jamie Caven vs Simon Whitlock (Players Championship: Crawley 3, Semi-Final)
7/11/2010: Mark Dudbridge vs Wayne Jones (Players Championship: Barnsley 4, Last 32)
29/1/2011: Dave Chisnall vs Vincent van der Voort (Players Championship: Germany 1, Last 64)
19/2/2011: John Henderson vs Andy Hamilton (Players Championship: Derby 1, Last 64)
26/2/2011: Michael Smith vs Michael van Gerwen (Youth Tour #2, Quarter-Final)
16/4/2011: Wayne Atwood vs Nigel Heydon (UK Open Qualifier 5, Last 128)
16/4/2011: Dennis Priestley vs Mensur Suljovic (UK Open Qualifier 5, Last 64)
30/4/2011: Dave Chisnall vs Mark Webster (UK Open Qualifier 7, Last 128)
12/6/2011: Simon Whitlock vs Devon Petersen (Players Championship: Barnsley 2, Last 32)
18/6/2011: Simon Whitlock vs Nigel Heydon (Players Championship: Holland 1, Last 32)
19/6/2011: Justin Pipe vs Colin Osborne (Players Championship: Holland 2, Last 32)
2/10/2011: Phil Taylor vs Kevin McDine (Players Championship: Ireland 2, Last 64)
2/10/2011: Raymond van Barneveld vs Phil Taylor (Players Championship: Ireland 2, Last 16)
23/10/2011: Wes Newton vs William O'Connor (Players Championship: Germany 4, Last 64)
30/10/2011: Mark Webster vs Juan Huertas (Players Championship: Spain 2, Last 128)
28/1/2012: Ian White vs Mark Hylton (Players Championship: Spain 1, Last 128)
12/2/2012: Michael van Gerwen vs Dave Chisnall (UK Open Qualifier 2, Final)
10/3/2012: Phil Taylor vs Tony West (Players Championship: Reading 1, Last 64)
11/3/2012: Phil Taylor vs Pete Hudson (Players Championship: Reading 2, Last 128)
24/3/2012: Steve Farmer vs Andy Relf (UK Open Qualifier 3, Last 128)
25/3/2012: Richie Burnett vs Michael Barnard (UK Open Qualifier 4, Last 256)
14/4/2012: Raymond van Barneveld vs Michael Barnard (UK Open Qualifier 5, Last 32)
27/4/2012: Michael Smith vs Jamie Caven (Austrian Darts Open, Last 64)
28/4/2012: Simon Whitlock vs Joe Cullen (Austrian Darts Open, Last 32)
5/5/2012: Kim Huybrechts vs Terry Jenkins (UK Open Qualifier 7, Last 32)
22/6/2012: Colin Lloyd vs Alex Roy (German Darts Championship, Last 64)
7/9/2012: Mark Webster vs Andree Welge (German Darts Masters, Last 64)
9/9/2012: Ian White vs Andy Hamilton (German Darts Masters, Last 16)
25/11/2012: Connie Finnan vs Wes Newton (Players Championship: Barnsley 4, Last 16)
17/1/2013: Charl Pietersen vs Kevin McDine (PDC Q-School: Day 1, Last 8)
19/1/2013: Andy Parsons vs Andree Welge (PDC Q-School: Day 3, Last 256)
20/1/2013: Kevin McDine vs Martyn Turner (PDC Q-School: Day 4, Last 8)
23/2/2013: Robert Thornton vs Dave Chisnall (UK Open Qualifier 1, Quarter-Final)
24/2/2013: Kevin Thomas vs Pete Hudson (UK Open Qualifier 2, Last 64)
16/3/2013: Gary Anderson vs Josh Payne (UK Open Qualifier 3, Last 256)
16/3/2013: Andy Hamilton vs Tony West (UK Open Qualifier 3, Last 64)
22/3/2013: Kurt Parry vs Josh Jones (PDC World Youth Championship, Last 32)
22/3/2013: Michael Smith vs Samuel Head (PDC World Youth Championship, Last 16)
26/4/2013: Prakash Jiwa vs Brett Claydon (European Darts Open UK Qualifier, Last 80)
26/4/2013: Adam Hunt vs Tony West (European Darts Open UK Qualifier, Last 80)
24/5/2013: Joey Palfreyman vs Steve Maish (Austrian Darts Open UK Qualifier, Last 80)
8/6/2013: Wes Newton vs Adrian Lewis (UK Open, Last 32)
22/6/2013: Steve Brown vs Connie Finnan (Players Championship: Crawley 1, Last 64)
13/7/2013: Gaz Cousins vs Eric van Meel (PDC Challenge Tour #10, Last 256)
19/10/2013: Wes Newton vs Jyhan Artut (Killarney Pro Tour 1, Last 32)
25/11/2013: Jamie Robinson vs Steve West (PDC World Championship Qualifier, Last 32)
7/2/2014: Terry Jenkins vs Kurt Parry (UK Open Qualifier 1, Last 128)
7/2/2014: Dave Ladley vs Nick Fulwell (UK Open Qualifier 1, Last 128)
7/2/2014: Dave Chisnall vs Keegan Brown (UK Open Qualifier 1, Last 32)
9/2/2014: Dave Pallett vs Johnny Haines (UK Open Qualifier 3, Last 32)
9/2/2014: Phil Taylor vs Andy Hamilton (UK Open Qualifier 3, Last 16)
9/2/2014: Phil Taylor vs Adrian Lewis (UK Open Qualifier 3, Final)
15/3/2014: Adrian Lewis vs Joe Cullen (Players Championship: Barnsley 1, Last 64)
22/3/2014: Dave Chisnall vs Mark Walsh (Players Championship: Crawley 1, Last 64)
22/3/2014: Michael van Gerwen vs Phil Taylor (Players Championship: Crawley 1, Last 16)
26/5/2014: Johnny Haines vs Jelle Klaasen (Players Championship: Crawley 4, Last 32)
6/7/2014: Matthew Dicken vs Frankie Ansell (PDC Challenge Tour #12, Last 128)
3/11/2014: Darryl Fitton vs James Richardson (Grand Slam Of Darts Qualifier, Last 96)
23/11/2014: Adrian Lewis vs Wes Newton (Players Championship: Coventry 4, Last 32)
01/12/2014: Gary Stone vs John Bowles (PDC World Championship Qualifier, Last 64)
14/1/2015: Alan Norris vs Jason Lovett (PDC Q-School: Day 1, Last 32)
15/1/2015: Dyson Parody vs Paul Milford (PDC Q-School: Day 2, Last 512)
18/1/2015: Alan Norris vs Jason Lovett (German Darts Championship UK Qualifier, Last 160)
18/1/2015: Andrew Gilding vs Robbie Green (Gibraltar Darts Trophy UK Qualifier, Last 80)
8/2/2015: Simon Whitlock vs Nathan Aspinall (UK Open Qualifier 3, last 128)
22/2/2015: Ian White vs Mervyn King (UK Open Qualifier 6, Quarter Finals)
13/3/2015: Kyle Anderson vs Alan Tabern (European Tour 4 UK Qualifier, Second [and final] Round)
14/3/2015: Nathan Derry vs Darren Johnson (Players Championship 1, First Round)
15/3/2015: Jeffrey de Zwaan vs Ian White (Players Championship 2, Third Round)
15/3/2015: Cristo Reyes vs Robert Thornton (Players Championship 2, Last 16)
10/4/2015: Darren Johnson vs Steve Beaton (Players Championship 3, First Round)
12/4/2015: Benito van de Pas vs Max Hopp (Players Championship 5, Second Round)
25/4/2015: Matthew Dicken v Nathan Aspinall (PDC Unicorn Development Tour 1, First Round)
26/4/2015: Dirk van Duijvenbode v Kurt Parry (PDC Unicorn Development Tour 3, Second Round)
1/5/2015: Devon Petersen vs Ronny Huybrechts (Players Championship 6, First Round)
1/5/2015: James Wade vs Michael van Gerwen (Players Championship 6, Final)
2/5/2015: Peter Wright vs Justin Pipe (Players Championship 7, Fourth Round)
23/5/2015: Ian White vs Jamie Lewis (Players Championship 11, Semi Final)
24/5/2015: Cristo Reyes vs Wes Newton (Players Championship 12, Second Round)
18/6/2015: Max Hopp vs David Grellmann (European Tour 5 Home Nation Qualifier, Second Round)
5/7/2015: Magnus Caris v Jason Marriott (Players Championship 14, First Round)
11/7/2015: Simon Preston v Stuart Holden (PDC Unicorn Challenge Tour 10, First Round)
25/9/2015: Devon Petersen v James Wilson (ET9 European Darts Grand Prix, UK Qualifier, Board Final)
27/9/2015: Kim Huybrechts v Simon Whitlock (Players Championship 16, Quarter Final)
2/10/2015: Jamie Lewis v Ian Moss (Players Championship 17, First Round)
3/10/2015: Michael Van Gerwen v Raymond Van Barneveld (Players Championship 18, Third Round)
3/10/2015: Phil Taylor v Stephen Bunting (Players Championship 18, Quarter Final)
13/1/2016: Ross Smith v Ryan de Vreede (PDC Q School, Day 1, Last 128)
17/1/2016: Jamie Caven v Mark Barilli (ET1 Dutch Darts Masters, UK Qualifier, Board Final)
5/2/2016: Mark Dudbridge v Andy Jenkins (UK Open Qualifier 1, Third Round)
21/2/2016: Richie Corner v Steve Hine (UK Open Qualifier 6, Second Round)
11/3/2016: Stuart Kellett v Steve Hine (ET3, Gibraltar Darts Trophy, UK Qualifier, Board Final)
13/3/2016: Michael van Gerwen v Ian White (Players Championship 2, Quarter Final)
8/4/2016: Adrian Lewis v Ray Campbell (Players Championship 3, First Round)
8/4/2016: Alan Norris v Terry Temple (Players Championship 3, Second Round)
30/4/2016: Dave Chisnall v Jamie Caven (Players Championship 6, Third Round)
1/5/2016: Devon Petersen v Peter Wright (Players Championship 7, Fourth Round)
20/5/2016: James Richardson v Justin Pipe (ET6, European Darts Open, UK Qualifier, First Round)
22/5/2016: Jeffrey de Zwaan v Ron Meulenkamp (Players Championship 9, Second Round)
5/8/2016: Steve Brown v James Richardson (ET9, European Darts Grand Prix, UK Qualifier, Preliminary Round)
4/9/2016: Daniel Cole v Berry van Peer (PDC Unicorn Development Tour 15, Third Round)
10/9/2016: Rob Cross v Kirk Shepherd (PDC Unicorn Challenge Tour 13, Semi Final)
10/9/2016: Richard Baillie v Richie Burnett (PDC Unicorn Challenge Tour 14, Third Round)
21/9/2016: Jeffrey de Graaf v Chris Dobey (Players Championship 15, Second Round)
21/9/2016: Michael van Gerwen v Simon Whitlock (Players Championship 15, Fourth Round)
22/9/2016: Yordi Meeuwisse v Benito van de Pas (Players Championship 16, First Round)
22/9/2016: Simon Whitlock v Andrew Gilding (Players Championship 16, Second Round)
22/9/2016: Michael van Gerwen v Joe Murnan (Players Championship 16, Third Round)
21/10/2016: Simon Whitlock v Par Riihonen (Players Championship 19, First Round)
5/2/2017: Ted Evetts v Simon Whitlock (UK Open Qualifier 3, Round 3)
12/2/2017: Christian Kist v Adrian Lewis (UK Open Qualifier 6, Round 5)
26/2/2017: Adrian Lewis v John Henderson (Players Championship 2, First Round)
10/3/2017: Ryan Meikle v Robbie Green (ET1, German Darts Championship, UK Qualifier, Second Round)
11/3/2017: Kim Huybrechts v Sven Groen (Players Championship 3, First Round)
18/3/2017: Mike De Decker v Nathan Rafferty (PDC Unicorn Development Tour 5, Fifth Round)
2/4/2017: Ricky Williams v Jeffrey de Graaf (Players Championship 6, First Round)
7/4/2017: Steve Beaton v James Richardson (ET3, German Darts Open, UK Qualifier, Board Final)
16/4/2017: Mark Dudbridge v Gary Butcher (PDC Unicorn Challenge Tour 7, Quarter Final)
21/5/2017: Dave Chisnall v Darren Webster (Players Championship 12, Third Round)
4/8/2017: Mickey Mansell v Darren Johnson (ET10, German Darts Grand Prix, UK Qualifier, Third Round)
4/8/2017: Rob Hewson v Jamie Caven (ET11, International Darts Open, UK Qualifier, First Round)
5/8/2017: Jamie Lewis v John Part (Players Championship 17, Second Round)
5/8/2017: Kyle Anderson v Ronny Huybrechts (Players Championship 17, Fourth Round)
31/8/2017: Robert Allenstein vs Ronny Huybrechts (ET9, Dutch Darts Masters, European Qualifier, Second [and final] Round)
29/9/2017: Mensur Suljovic vs Ryan Searle (Players Championship 19, Fourth Round)
3/2/2018: Robbie Green vs Lee Harris (UK Open Qualifier 2, Last 128)
3/2/2018: Ian White vs Daryl Gurney (UK Open Qualifier 2, Last 16)
4/2/2018: Michael van Gerwen vs Jermaine Wattimena (UK Open Qualifier 3, Last 16)
9/2/2018: Peter Jacques vs Marko Kantele (UK Open Qualifier 4, Last 256)
16/2/2018: John Goldie vs Brendan Dolan (ET2, German Darts Grand Prix, UK Qualifier, First Round)
9/3/2018: Cameron Menzies vs Jamie Caven (ET3, German Darts Open, UK Qualifier, Third [and final] Round)
10/3/2018: Jamie Lewis vs Adam Hunt (Players Championship 3, Second Round)
18/3/2018: Steve Hine vs John Henderson (Players Championship 6, First Round)
6/4/2018: Stephen Bunting vs Lee Evans (ET6, Dutch Darts Masters, UK Qualifier, Third [and final] Round)
7/4/2018: Nathan Aspinall vs Alan Norris (Players Championship 7, Second Round)
14/4/2018: Dawson Murschell vs Declan Fishwick (Development Tour 1, Fifth Round)
5/5/2018: Dennis Nilsson vs Kevin Dowling (Challenge Tour 10, Last 16)
18/5/2018: Simon Preston vs Steve West (ET7, Gibraltar Darts Trophy, UK Qualifier, Third [and final] Round)
27/06/2018: Adrian Lewis vs Daryl Gurney (Players Championship 16, Fourth Round))
4/9/2018: Vincent van der Voort vs Rob Cross (Players Championship 17, Third Round)
4/9/2018: James Wade vs Michael Smith (Players Championship 17, Quarter Final)
8/9/2018: Krzysztof Ratajski vs Mark Frost (Challenge Tour 13, Second Round)
23/9/2018: Rowby-John Rodriguez vs Rob Hewson (Development Tour 16, Third Round)
28/9/2018: George Killington vs Jelle Klaasen (Players Championship 19, First Round)
28/9/2018: Michael van Gerwen vs Kyle Anderson (Players Championship 19, Third Round)
29/9/2018: Peter Hudson vs Daryl Gurney (Players Championship 20, First Round)
20/10/2018: Andrew Gilding vs Mark Dudbridge (Players Championship 21, First Round)
21/10/2018: Jimmy Hendriks vs Mark Wilson (Players Championship 22, First Round)
11/11/2018: Eddie Lovely vs Michael McCloskey (Challenge Tour 20, First Round)
27/1/2019: Peter Jacques vs Radek Szaganski (Challenge Tour 4, Fourth Round)
11/2/2019: Geert Nentjes vs Mervyn King  (Players Championship 2, Second Round)
11/2/2019: Dave Chisnall vs Rowby-John Rodriguez (Players Championship 2, Third Round)
22/2/2019: Ted Evetts vs Patrick Lynskey (ET1, UK Card Holders Qualifier, Round 1)
22/2/2019: Ricky Evans vs Justin Pipe (ET2, UK Card Holders Qualifier, Round 2)
23/2/2019: Scott Baker vs Dave Chisnall (Players Championship 5, Third Round)
24/2/2019: Ritchie Edhouse vs Danny Noppert (Players Championship 6, Fourth Round)
10/3/2019: Brian Raman vs Andrew Davidson (Development Tour 4, Fifth Round)
15/3/2019: Ritchie Edhouse vs Mickey Mansell (ET4, UK Card Holders Qualifier, Final Round)
15/3/2019: Ted Evetts vs Keegan Brown (ET4, UK Card Holders Qualifier, Final Round)
6/4/2019: Mark McGeeney vs Adam Hunt (Players Championship 9, Round 1)
13/4/2019: Harry Ward vs William O'Connor (Players Championship 11, First Round)
20/4/2019: Callan Rydz vs Bertus Herks (Development Tour 6, First Round)
12/5/2019: Geert De Vos vs John Power (Challenge Tour 7, Second Round)
18/5/2019: Dave Chisnall vs Cristo Reyes (Players Championship 15, Second Round)
19/5/2019: Michael Rasztovits vs Michel Furlani (ET9, Associate Members Qualifier, First Round)
9/6/2019: Geert Nentjes vs Callum Loose (Development Tour 11, Second Round)
21/6/2019: Madars Razma vs Cristo Reyes (ET9 Euro Card Holders Qualifier, Board Final)
22/6/2019: Dimitri Van den Bergh vs John Henderson (Players Championship 17, Second Round)
13/7/2019: Andy Jenkins vs David Ladley (Challenge Tour 9, Quarter Final)
10/8/2019: Boris Koltsov vs Andrew Gilding (Challenge Tour 14, Fourth Round)
11/8/2019: Simon Preston vs Dean Reynolds (Challenge Tour 16, First Round)
17/8/2019: Geert Nentjes vs Levy Frauenfelder (Development Tour 14, Fourth Round)
11/9/2019: John Henderson vs Ron Meulenkamp (Players Championship 24, Fourth Round)
20/9/2019: Matt Clark vs Reece Robinson (ET13 UK Card Holders Qualifier, Board Final)
20/9/2019: Jose De Sousa vs Christian Kist (ET13 EU Card Holders Qualifier, Second Round)
21/9/2019: Jeffrey De Zwaan vs Ron Meulenkamp (Players Championship 25, Third Round)
22/9/2019: Rob Cross vs Jose Justicia (Players Championship 26, Second Round)
28/9/2019: Cody Harris vs Joey Palfreyman (Challenge Tour 18, First Round)
5/10/2019: Mensur Suljovic vs Adam Hunt (Players Championship 28, Second Round)
15/10/2019: Gerwyn Price vs Jon Worsley (Players Championship 30, Second Round)
2/11/2019: James Beeton vs Dan Read (Development Tour 18, Fifth Round)
3/11/2019: Keane Barry vs Jurjen van der Velde (Development Tour 20, Fourth Round)
26/1/2020: Andy Jenkins vs Lukas Wenig (Challenge Tour 3, Second Round)
8/2/2020: Mickey Mansell vs Nathan Derry (Players Championship 1, First Round)
8/2/2020: Mike van Duivenbode vs Chris Dobey (Players Championship 1, First Round)
9/2/2020: Keegan Brown vs Krzysztof Kciuk (Players Championship 2, First Round)
9/2/2020: Nathan Aspinall vs Peter Wright (Players Championship 2, Quarter Final)
14/2/2020: Steve West vs Benito van de Pas (ET2 Tour Card Holders Qualifier, Final Round)
15/2/2020: Danny Noppert vs Andy Boulton (Players Championship 3, Second Round)
22/2/2020: Steve Lennon vs Kai Fan Leung (Players Championship 5, Third Round)
23/2/2020: Michael van Gerwen vs Cristo Reyes (Players Championship 6, Fourth Round)

RE: PDC 9 Darters - mc1958 - 02-03-2018

updated to add both Green's and White's niners in today's UK Open qualifier 2

RE: PDC 9 Darters - mc1958 - 02-09-2018

updated to add Peter Jacques from todays UK Open qualifier

RE: PDC 9 Darters - mc1958 - 02-16-2018

Updated to add John Goldie's niner in the ET2 UK qualifier today

RE: PDC 9 Darters - mc1958 - 03-09-2018

Updated to add Cameron Menzies niner in todays ET3 UK qualifier

RE: PDC 9 Darters - carlmuscleman67 - 03-09-2018

Can’t remember if it was 1997 Or 2000  the only two yrs I went to the welsh open  I watched Ronnie Baxter hit a 9 darter  and he did it that fast I didn’t realise what he had done until he turned and took a bow

RE: PDC 9 Darters - carlmuscleman67 - 03-09-2018

Sorry just realised it was pic 9 darters

RE: PDC 9 Darters - mc1958 - 03-10-2018

Updated to add Jamie Lewis's niner from PC3 today

RE: PDC 9 Darters - mc1958 - 03-18-2018

Updated to add the Muffin Mans niner from PC6 today

RE: PDC 9 Darters - mc1958 - 04-06-2018

updated to add Bunting's niner from todays ET6 qualifier

RE: PDC 9 Darters - mc1958 - 04-07-2018

Updated to ad The Asp's niner from PC7 today

RE: PDC 9 Darters - mc1958 - 04-14-2018

updated to add Dawson Murschell's niner against Bounce Out's son in todays Development Tour 1

RE: PDC 9 Darters - ChrisTheFish - 04-14-2018

Shame we cant include The Bald Eagle in this thread too

RE: PDC 9 Darters - mc1958 - 04-15-2018

Corey Cadby has hit one as well today in an Australian event and that won't be included either, even though he is a PDC tour card holder