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BDO Gold Cup 2016 - mc1958 - 07-01-2016

Happening this Saturday at Event City in Manchester.

8:30am - Players register Women’s Pairs
10:00am - Toe-the-Oche Women’s Pairs (down to Final)
8:30am - Players Register Men’s Pairs
10:00am - Toe-the-Oche Men’s Pairs (down to Final)
12:00–2:00pm - Men’s and Women’s Singles Register
12:30pm - Women’s Pairs – Finals Stage
1:00pm - Men’s Pairs – Finals Stage
1:30pm - Presentation - Men's + Women's Pairs 1st + 2nd Positions
2:30pm - Toe-the-Oche – Men’s + Women’s Singles (down to Semi Final)   
5:30pm - Women’s Singles – Semi Final Stage
5.50pm - Women's Singles - Semi Final Stage
6:10pm - Men’s Singles – Semi Final Stage
6.40pm - Men's Singles - Semi Final Stage
7.00pm - Women's Singles Final
7:30pm - Men's Singles Final               
8.00pm Approx. - Presentation – Men’s + Women’s Singles 1st + 2nd Positions

Draw sheets:
Ladies singles - https://www.bdodarts.com/images/bdo-content/events/2016/gold-cup/Draw%20Ladies%20Singles%20Gold%20Cup%202016.pdf
Ladies pairs - https://www.bdodarts.com/images/bdo-content/events/2016/gold-cup/Draw%20Ladies%20Pairs%202016%20Gold%20Cup.pdf
Mens singles - https://www.bdodarts.com/images/bdo-content/events/2016/gold-cup/Draw%20Mens%20Singles%202016%20Gold%20Cup.pdf
Mens pairs - https://www.bdodarts.com/images/bdo-content/events/2016/gold-cup/Draw%20Mens%20Pairs%202016%20Gold%20Cup.pdf

This event is going to be streamed on the BDO youtube channel from 10am tomorrow:


RE: BDO Gold Cup 2016 - mc1958 - 07-01-2016

Link for session 2 tomorrow from around 2pm UK time


RE: BDO Gold Cup 2016 - mc1958 - 07-02-2016

The first stream for this has been changed to start around 1pm, so obviously just showing the pairs finals. No doubt the second link will be changed to chow only the stage matches as well.

RE: BDO Gold Cup 2016 - mc1958 - 07-02-2016

Looks like the first link is being used for the singles closing stages instead of the second link - semi finals coming up shortly:

Ladies semi finals:
Anastasia Dobromyslova vs Claire Brookin
Rhian Griffiths vs Deta Hedman

Mens semi finals:
Paul Hogan vs Martin Lukeman
Ryan Searle vs Glen Durrant

RE: BDO Gold Cup 2016 - ChrisTheFish - 07-02-2016

Deta's finishing was awesome today, yet another final to play Go Deta!

RE: BDO Gold Cup 2016 - mc1958 - 07-03-2016

Unfortunately it wasn't to be for Deta.

Well done to Anastasia for completing her set of all the big BDO titles on UK soil. Also well done to Duzza for completing the double after winning the pairs earlier in the day - Little Richard posted on facebook that Duzza is only the second man to do the double in the event's 39 year history (he didn't say who the other player was though).

RE: BDO Gold Cup 2016 - Rodney - 07-03-2016

Congrats to Anastasia and Duzza Guests cannot see images in the messages. Please register at the forum by clicking here to see images.

RE: BDO Gold Cup 2016 - mc1958 - 07-03-2016

It seems the links in the first post are now dead - the completed drawsheets are as follows:

Ladies singles - https://www.bdodarts.com/images/bdo-content/events/2016/gold-cup/BDOGoldCup20162.pdf
Ladies pairs - https://www.bdodarts.com/images/bdo-content/events/2016/gold-cup/BDOGoldCup20163.pdf
Mens singles - https://www.bdodarts.com/images/bdo-content/events/2016/gold-cup/BDOGoldCup20161.pdf
Mens pairs - https://www.bdodarts.com/images/bdo-content/events/2016/gold-cup/BDOGoldCup20164.pdf