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Barney Dart Options - AD18 - 12-23-2015

Currently have Phase 5a 21gr and like a lot.  Want to get another set in either 23-24gr to test out.  Only semi issue with 5's is the smooth collar on the barrel is directly under my grip and would prefer not to have it or I would jump on a new set of the 24gr naturals just released.  Question, are all Barney darts (Phase 2-4) tapered to give the front loaded setup?  I don't get along with other pencil style barrels, would like to have front loaded configuration.  Any other recommendations of similar brands/models with similar shapes would be ok too.  Thanks all for inputSmile

RE: Barney Dart Options - Regulatori - 12-23-2015

Barney's darts are almost all mid weighted unless you go back to his early career when he threw Ton Machines.
I throw with Barney Phase 5's and it took me awhile to adapt to the difference in balance. I've thrown a LOT of his Phase 1-4s and they're nothing like his 5s.

Even though it's not tapered dart, you may like the Phase 2's. They're 25g but a bit fatter. They definitely don't have that "pencil" feel that most straight barrels have. The grip portion is very similar in size to your 21g Phase 5s. The Phase 5s are 6.93mm while the Phase 2s are 6.99.
Might be an option.

The only other darts I can think of that are similar to Phase 5s with extended grip are these...

RE: Barney Dart Options - AD18 - 12-23-2015

Thanks for the input.  I would like just a wee bit heavier dart sooooooo maybe spring for a set of natural 5's in 24gr.  Just maybe Wink

RE: Barney Dart Options - ninjaskills - 12-28-2015

Tried the unicorn gripper range in 24g?

RE: Barney Dart Options - AD18 - 12-28-2015

(12-28-2015, 09:53 PM)ninjaskills Wrote: Tried the unicorn gripper range in 24g?

Thanks for the advice.  Recently grabbed a previously enjoyed 23gr Carrera C5's.  Soon as they arrive, give them a go, and if they don't work out maybe try those.  Thanks again Smile

RE: Barney Dart Options - Jockyoche78 - 12-29-2015

I would recommend the winmau Ton Machines. Barney reached the 1995 & 1998 BDO world finals using them. If anything his phase 5's are almost identical except for the style of grip.

RE: Barney Dart Options - Tgstan - 01-15-2016

I've just got some Phase 5s. Good looking dart. Haven't had a chance to throw yet. I should probably get off the computer and practice =]