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Your darting life so far?? - Getagrip - 06-05-2013

Originally posted in the old forum on Fri Mar 16, 2012 6:34 pm By Chrisbamb


Sorry, seen this on another site and liked the stories that were on there, so thought I'd start it here as well to see how others had started and what has happened over the years.

Anyway, here's mine:-

Well mine started approx. 2 years ago to the Month, not really sure on the exact date but know it was some time in March, might have been around St. Patrick's day. Anyway, was meeting my mates up the pub for a game of pool (which was my game for almost 20 years, which I now wished I'd spent on Darts!! ), but unfortunately, the table was full and there was plenty of cash stacked up on there as well. We'd bought a pint and the dartboard was free, so I asked for the darts from behind the bar and away we went.

Straight away I was hooked, at pool I am a pretty good player, once narrowly missing Qualifying for the World 9-Ball Championships, when it used to be held over here. The thing that annoyed me the most was the fact that my hand to eye co-ordination is pretty good, but yet, the darts didn't seem to be going where I wanted them to and me being me wanted them to!!

So, I make the mistake most people do and went down to the local JJB's and buy the first darts I see with a Professional players photo on them, take them out the box and start playing with them. Of course, they're useless, or is that me?? After about 3 weeks I'm a regular now in the pub practicing away when the Barman (Brian ) comes over and sees what I'm throwing with and says, "Here tries these" and gives me some little bullets that weigh 24grams. Straight away they are flying lovely and my scores are going up and then it happens - ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY!!! Only 3-4 weeks after starting darts I hit my first maximum. Of course I run round the pub, take a piccie of it on my phone, etc. etc.

So now I'm really hooked!! I then remember a mate of a mate called Craig that I once popped round to his house with my mate for a few beers years ago and that he had a dartboard hanging up. I ask my mate if he's got Craig's number and I ring up and practically invite myself round for a night of darts. From there, I'm a regular visitor to Craig's and eventually my scores are good enough that he asks me if I want to join his team. He said that he'd bring the Captain round one night and we'll play a few games and see what he says and that sealed the deal.

My 1st League match was in late November 2010 at a pub called The Magnet and I have a Doubles and a Trebles. I get put with the Captain in the Doubles and start off with a very shaky 94 (T18, S20, S20 ), next throw not sure how but I hit 121 and the 3rd dart was in the corner of the 1 and T20/T3 area. A few darts later and I hit D16 1st dart to take the Leg!! I turn and Craig's stood there with a beam across is face the size of medieval Banqueting room beam and all he says is, "See, I told you he was good!!" That made me so happy.

In the Trebles I hit some steady if not spectacular arrows and again hit the D8 to take the Leg. From there my place in the team was confirmed. That Season we Won the League and came Runners up in the Cup, so 2 Trophies, not bad.

I decided that after playing that half Season that I wanted to play more and therefore started my own team up for the new Season. The problem with the old team was that most nights there were 9 of us which meant 2 games for everyone and not always guaranteed a Singles match. Anyway, we've 1 game left of this Season with my new team and we're sat in 5th place out of 10, not a bad first Season. We're also still in the Cup which is at the Quarter Finals stage and last round we beat a Team 2 Divisions higher than us 15-7 over 2 matches. I'm also in the running for winning 2 of the 3 individual Trophies in my Division - 1 for most 180's having hit 6 in the League this Season and the nearest person to me only has 2, so unless he can hit 5 in the last week then I'm pretty safe with that one. The other is the lowest number of darts for a 1001 which I have 36 and have hit 3 of them this Season. The only other one left is the Highest checkout which currently stands at 142, so Monday coming I am going to be leaving myself something higher than that to try and take that one as well.

Hopefully, we have a couple of better players coming in for next Season which will improve the team a bit as well and there is my darting life from start to finish.


Sounds like your a natural then Chris!

Having good eye hand co-ordination is a big plus and you probably developed it well with all the years of playing pool, wish I was as gifted!


I did quickly shoot ahead of my mates who started playing the same time as me and once I also hooked up with Flightschool my game did seem to take off. I started Flightschool in between the first Season and the start of the 2nd one and since then my game has come on leaps and bounds really.


Yeah I think flight school is very good too, but when you have a natural ability it only needs a little nudge in the right direction to flourish, if you had took up darts instead of pool then who knows where you would have been by now!


That's exactly what I keep wondering as well.


Well I think there was always a dartboard somewhere when I was a kid, but then it was treated more like a toy and a quick bit of amusement rather than a sport I wanted to be good at.

Was more into Cricket when I was younger and was a very good fast bowler, not so great at batting and fielding but passable enough and improved as I got a bit older. My eyesight was never that great and I always struggled with things like Table Tennis, Snooker, and other sports like Badmington and Squash. Basically anything that had a small object and needed good eyesight and judgement or to react to it at speed. Which is why my fielding and batting in Cricket needed a lot of work.

I always remember a dartboard being hung on the back of the door in our "lean to", no idea where it came from or who put it there, think it was one of those flocked boards they used to sell.

When I was about 17 I got a proper bristle board up in my room. Dont think I was really into darts then, it was more it just seemed like the right thing to have in my room, more as a showpiece then anything else. About 6 months later I sold it. That was probably the last time I played darts.

20 years later not long after my Mam died, my Dad bought me a cheap board and some darts as a birthday present. This time I was hooked. I think that the internet has much to blame for that though. It was easy to find out about darts and I just got addicted straightaway.

So being addicted to it ever since. I always knew I would struggle to be great because of my poor eyesight and also my joints are not so good these days, but I dont care.

I never thought I would ever get a 180 for the rest of my life, but I hit one about 3 months after starting and was chuffed to bits!!

I started to steadily improve until about 18 months later I felt I was reaching the next stage of improvement, I hit about 5 180's in about 8 sessions so was over the moon. Then I badly broke my shoulder when I was out Mountain Biking. Took 18 months before I could throw a dart again, but was still aching a lot. Never managed to get back to that same level I was at before I broke it, but still trying my best.

So thats me updated. Smile


I begun playing soft tip at 2006 after my friend had been on my back for 2 years wanting me to come down at the pub and throw some darts.

So one wednesday I finally said yes and went down and borrowed some darts and won the tournament. So I got a place on the team for the saturday. So thats how I started, we played in the lowest division © and won promotion, and then we landed second in the next division (B), and that is when that team got splitted and I joined another team in the A division and we won the division and got to the Elite Division, I played for two seasons, then I changed to another team. And we won the Elite division 4 seasons in a row without a loss. I placed myself in top three all four seasons, and won it 1 season, and because of that I got a place in the National team. We placed 5 of 8 in the team tournament. and in the singles I placed nr 3 of 96 started. (Mensur Suljovic placed nr 13) And I got a fifth place in the Mixdouble and 8 place in the mens double with Niclas Rosenberg Who is also my mentor

I started playing steel tip 2010 and have taken a break this year because of I have lost interest this season. In steel dart I havent accomplished so much. My best achievement are a last 136 in the Winmau World Masters, and have tried to qualify for the Lakeside, and a third place in singles in Sweden Cup.

So this is a shortened version of my darting life



Started playing soft tips about 20 years ago. Just a bunch of guys and drinks and loads of fun. Stopped playing for about 10 years then went back and played up at the VFW club on Thursday nights for drinks. Wasn't really bad but nothing spectacular either. Played and got me ass handed too me by my best friend at the time and some of his friends on a on going basis. Got invited to play steel tip and joined flight school. After 3mos I was beating my friend easy and all the guys through the years who had tortured me. Been playing steel now for about 2 years and (not bragging) am considered a top shooter in the county and even won Top Gun one season. Too bad this came to me so late in life really as I believe if younger would have turned pro.

chalk is cheap:

Picked it up about 8 months ago when a friend starting hanging around a bar with some high school buddies. They played so he started. He started so I gave his darts a toss. It was love at first flight.

Since then I've been trying to find a throw that doesn't kill my bum shoulder (finally did a few weeks ago) and now I'm trying to make it put "this dart in that hole" as George from flight school puts it.

I'm at the stage now where I throw at a region on the board (T20, Bull, D18 etc) and 1 in 3 or 1 in 4 go in somewhere. Not bad but I want to pick a spot and put a dart in it more often. Right now when I try, I usually miss by a mile. Not sure why, but last night I had a damned good night.

EDIT: somehow hit send without finishing my thought.

I played most of a game of cricket against a guy who used to compete in the Classic level (basically semi-pro) and had him down by two marks and 60 points going at bull for the win. Then some poor guy had a heart attack down the throw line from us and we had to end while the police/paramedics took care of him. I don't think he made it. Very very bizarre night to say the least.

Anyway, that's my darting life so far. Chapter II available in fine forums everywhere for Christmas.


i picked up playing darts about 6 months ago. (september 2011) we had always had a dartboard in our house when i was growing up but never really paid much attention to it, i think it might have been a gift from my grandpa who was a dart player in his day but was mainly used as furnishing for the rec room haha.

i got the bug for playing darts from my older brother. he goes to art school in savannah georgia and when i would go down to visit him on holidays/spring break we would always end up at the savannah legion to drink 2 dollar beers. the pool table they had was always occupied so we'd borrow the legion's loaner set of darts and would play cricket with a bunch of his friends from school. it was always a lot of fun despite being pretty poor games. the last time i was in savannah (christmas 2010) my brother ended up buying a dartboard for his house and some darts to throw during breaks from painting. after a little while he ended up starting his own dart team for the Savannah Area Darting Association, made up mostly of the friends he'd play darts with at the legion. they started in the J division and won their first season, got bumped up to a higher division (F or G) and won first place again. the team was doing so well that they found some higher calibre players to add to their roster and made a second team for their less experienced friends. right now they're playing in the D or E division and are currently undefeated.

in august he came up for a visit and brought his board and dart collection which had grown extensively haha. we played a bit but i was pretty awful as i hadn't played since i was last down to visit him. part of the timing was so that he could swing by the london ontario PDC canadian open on his way back to savannah, so we ended up driving down to watch the tournament. at the open i got to see a lot of great darts and got to meet a lot of big names which i had seen the odd time on tv, namely simon whitlock. at the open they had a local vendor selling darts and supplies where i bought a set of 24g whitlock darts and a bunch of supplies to keep me busy (as i knew i had our old dartboard somewhere in storage).

it wasn't until september that i actually got around to putting the dartboard up and began practicing and playing darts with my dad. i started venturing out to local legions too and began playing in some small luck of the draws. ended up getting into a local legion's singles dart league and have been playing since. i started off in the B division and was doing well (as i was one of the few in that division that would actually practice on a daily basis as most B division players in our league are just there for the social/drinking aspect). one of the A division players had to quit the league for personal reasons and i was asked to take his place by our league's president because he knew i wanted to become a better player. at first it felt like getting thrown to the sharks, as most of our A division players are quality dart players (140-180s are common and so are high ton out shots as there are three players who have hit 170 outs this year) but now i'm starting to catch up to them. my game was gone through the roof since i was bumped up to our A division and i couldn't be more chuffed. played in our regional shoot which determines who goes for the provincial dart team qualifier and ended up hitting my first competitive 180 and made it into the regional quarterfinals. i lost to a buddy of mine from our league, but still made the top ten of the best players in our region which i'm well chuffed over as it was no easy task.


Ok here goes , Darts in my family is somewhat of a tradition , My grandfather played in 2 teams and my father was captain of our local team and a super league player whou qualified for the news of the word as it was then .
So even as a young lad i was encouraged to join in with the grownups an play a few games , At 16 i was playing in a team for the pub across the road and thinking back im not sure how legal that was lol but i won a few and lost a few but really enjoyed playing, At 18 i was captain of that team and also joined my father in the super league and really enjoyed that , im a competative bugger at the best of times !
I then spent over 20 years in the fishing industry so the darts took a back seat until finally i stopped playing all together, Got divorced then moved to Devon met my second wife married moved to this house and went down the local one night and it was pretty quiet so asked the barman if he had some darts i could borrow so messed around for about an hour , being watched latter part of the time by a quiet gent sitting at the bar , When i went to the bar he asked if i played for a team and no was the reply , Well you do now he replied with a grin , get your coat were away tonight !!!! He was /is the A team captain at my local and im now in my second season there ,
My game is not what it was but its getting there now but im still not happy with it but are any of us ?


Darts is something thats always been in my family really, like maverick my grandad was pretty handy, my mum currently plays 5 nights a week and county at weekends.
I started playing about 8 years ago, and started out as a backup to my mums Monday team. I played my first game for them after a month of turning up week in week out, chalking all the games. It wasn't long before I was the second best player on the team (after my mum, still cant beat her to this day) setting the highest finish in the league, three seasons running.

Before long the Captain asked me to play on his Thursday team, my mum also played for this team so wasn't a problem. Again slowly rose up the ranks and again comfortably secured my place as second best.
After two or three season's I was approached by a team in top league. I'd recently had a disagreement with my captain so jumped at the chance of playing a higher standard and left the Thursday team, but continued to play Mondays.
It was at this point that I got my first job, and had to work Thursday nights! I managed to change my shifts eventually but only managed a season in the higher league before the captain decided I was too unreliable and was dropped from the team.
I signed up with a team in the third division and had the best 4 seasons of my life. I won the most games in the league 3 out of the 4 seasons, had the highest finish for 4 seasons and hit the most max's for the 4 aswell.
I then met the mrs and we moved in together, in a flat 15 miles away from where I played. I didn't drive and the bus was getting expensive, so my darts career ended for a while.
We moved to the midlands to be closer to her mum and it looked as though I'd never play league darts again.
It wasn't until I was in caffe nero one day last july and over heard the barista (a friend of mine anyway) mention his dart team. I enquired about it and signed up a week later.
Bearing in mind i hadnt thrown a dart for around 3 years, my game was rusty to say the least. But constant practice has put me back on top of my game and I'm again one of the top players in my team. I started playing superleague darts for Nuneaton at the beginning of the year and I'm going to be attending Q-school next year.
So thats my darting life so far!


Well I guess I was lucky as I was introduced to darts at a young age, you see we lived in a pub in the middle of nowhere so if I wasn't jumping off ramps on my bike or generally trying to break every bone in my body as a kid then I was on the pool table or dartboard.

We had a very strong pub dart team that I used to always watch, always wanting to get up and have a game, but as a kid it was a case of seen and not heard in a pub until the visitors had eaten n gone, but I used to love having a chuck even if I did get my arse handed to me.

Unfortunately we moved from the pub and my interest moved to girls, other sports and girls, so the only time I picked up darts was when a mate would wanna play whilst we had a sneaky fag (not any more).

Roughly four years ago my best mate who played for a darts team with his mrs asked if I wanted come for a beer, the team did not have a reserve player that night and asked me to step in to which I duely obliged.

I wish I could say I hammered the other player, but the truth is I could not hit a barn door with a hedgehog, but I was hooked.
I began turnin up every week, taking tips off everyone, trying different darts and grips, but I was determined I would get the hang of it and enjoyed the social aspect of it.
I played the whole season as a reserve eager for my first win, but each time I got down to a finish I would bottle it, I mean this was driving me nuts!! But then it happened, thetop team in the league came to our pub, the guy was cocky and I did not think I had a hope in hell and would mark this one down for practice,but BOOM!!! I opened with a 140, followed it with a 121 and this cocky guy was frustrated, but then my darts felt good, and I finished on d20, had a few darts at it bit fortunately ths guy had gone to pot!

I continued to improve, I wish I could say I was unbeatable bu the more I played, the more I wanted to practice, the next thing I knew I was playing for a different team every night of the week, my other half thought I had left her!

Took me 2 years before I hit my first 180, you might laugh but that was beginning to frustrate the hell out of me and I thought I may as well play golf!

I loved this new hobby, went to watch it in several places, the Premier League, Grandslam and World Matchplay, this monster had me in it's vice!

I wanted to make darts my career, not as a player but as a supplier, I got contacts, had an engineer who made darts for me (now makes them for big brands like A180), wrote up my business plan, built a website and went in search of investors, promoting my business through competitions etc, but in a naff financial climate this proved to be a little tougher than I could handle so that was short lived.

I now play twice a week running one of the teams, this has been our first season as a team and we have finished 7th from 16, so not bad as there are only 5 of us and we have had nights where we have been short (partly down to me going gigs), but hoping to recruit a couple of players for next season so if anyone is near sunny Stoke-on-Trent drop me a message!

But that is pretty much how I got into darts, t has cost me an arm and a leg trying find the darts for me, my spare room is no longer the better halfs wardrobe but my practice room and I practice when I can!

All in all, I would not change it, just wish I hit more big scores!


Interesting Dave.

It sounds like you have got the bug well and truly. Unlucky about the business side but its tough at present, especially for new companies to establish themselves and compete with the bigger boys out there.

2 years for your first 180 eh, at least you stuck at it, I think people probably place a little too much importance on their first one but it sure is great when it happens. Dont think I have hit one for almost a year now though.Smile


Started playing on Christmas day 8 months ago, bought a board for my son in law to keep me daughter happy so he could play in the house.
One night he offered me a go and I liked it.
Chose a set of darts the first week just because of the way they looked and changed them every fortnight since, until ive found the superlight darts and i seem to have stuck with them, so much so that ive just paid elven darts to custom make me a set of 10g. Hopefully the design will work for me and that will be that.
Joined a low level team after Christmas, won more than I lost and have just joined a singles league in rileys near me, not winning so much but taking a leg of all ive played so feel better about myself for that.
Practice everyday for a hour and pretty much hit what i want 1 in 3 darts at home. Outside its a bit different but im working on the adrenalin control with meditation.
With my current rate of improvement id like to be winning most of my rileys games next season and then maybe step it up to another level.
I am by no means very good but the way my throwing is improving over the 8 months, in another 12 I would love to be quite a decent player.
Also if my darts work ill have a lot to trade away, and there is some nice ones in the drawerSmile


Nice one Matt, cant wait to see your customs, still cant believe you like such a light dart though!


it just works lovely and my movement has lost all its jerkiness with themSmile


I started playing a little over a year ago. Fourteen years ago I purchased a Halex electronic board from Best Department Store. It was on sale the store was going out of business. I got the board home took it out of the box looked at it for 60 seconds put it back in the box and put it on my closet shelf. For 13 years it stayed on the shelf. In 2005 my health started go down hill, I was loosing my balance. Well over the next 6 years of going to the doctors and testing and a biopsy this is what I have Peripheral Neuropathy. its through out my body. I now use a cane to walk with and can not stand on my feet very long without some asking if I have been drinking.

Realizing that I needed some sort of movement I made the mistake of putting that Halex board up. I have always been physically active until the nerve damage took its course. Well I thought this would be just what I needed, my first throw at the board did not make it to the board it landed 3 feet short. Over the last year I have been at it and the darts have been a blessing. I have seen the improvement from when I first tossed a dart. Sometimes it can piss me of because of the nerve damage my follow through is worse than the late Jockey Wilson. I just keep telling myself if Barry Bates can throw a dart I can to. I use the the Darts Pro and Darts Scorer software to play against and joined Flight School. My average has gone from 34.3 to 71.6. I retired the Halex that had measurements of a steel tip board and purchased the Darts Live 100s which pushed my average up. Now it feels like cheating. Sorry for the ramble. Physical therapy is Darts for my nerve damage.


Thanks for sharing that Brice!

Sorry to hear of your health issues mate, glad you have found some respite in the darts though and you have done amazingly well so far, keep it up!Wink


Got my first dartboard when I was about 15 but like others on this thread, i never really did much with it, other than give my dad the odd game.

Have always loved watching darts on the tele, but my interest in playing was revived last December when I decided to do a newspaper feature on the local darts league.

First and foremost I was blown away by the genuine camaraderie between the players - there really was a great friendly atmosphere about the place, hinted at in the league's motto: "Darts starts with a handshake and ends with a handshake."

It was a truly inspiring moment and the next week the PDC championships just whetted my appetite even further.

Following that I got a dartboard for Christmas, snapped up some Steve Beaton darts, downloaded John Lowe's Art of Darts App and then joined here!

A mate and I are now in practice to try and get up to reasonable standard by the summer - enough to be able to join a league and not disgrace ourselves!

And thats it for now folks!


Thats a great story Ginge, thanks for sharing! Smile


I think that's one of the things I like about darts to Ginge is just the genuine people you meet. Having been doing it just short of 3 years now and made some great mates through it I can honestly say that Pool players are genuine primadonna's!!

Having played pool for so long and hearing what some of them used to say and ask for before they'd play for a team really makes me wonder why I carried it on for so long.

Keep plugging at it and you'll find you will get better as you go on.


New here, thought I would add my story. Other than the occasional game at a bar in my 20's, I started playing in a league September of 2011. Our local league runs a fall season Sept to Dec, Jan playoffs, and a spring season Feb to May, with May/June playoffs.

A friend of a friend at the time had been traveling to another county to play and was tired of the drive home, so he was looking to start up a four man team local to us, playing 501 and cricket, for which you need ideally between 5 and 8 players as not everyone can make it every week. Because we lived in the same town, he approached me, and another local "newbie" and we decided to give it a shot. I picked up a set of darts, locally, 28g. They felt best when i threw them, of the albeit limited selection at the store.

We started out in the middle division © out of 5, and it was three experienced players and two total new guys. I stunk, but we ran away with the division that fall with the three others carrying the load, and the league moved us up to the B in the spring season, where we proceeded to come in first as well.

This past fall we've moved up to the A division, and the spring season that just started, we remained in A. At this time, we're a solid middle of the pack team in an 8 team division. Our biggest challenge has been getting a consistant turnout from week to week, so our overall skill level week to week varies. With some hard work and a little luck, we hope to finish top 4 and qualify for the playoffs.

At the time, I felt overwhelmed my first season. I lost a lot, but playing with experienced players was a great cushion. I learned a lot about strategy and just focused on working on a consistant repeatable throwing motion. Now a year and half later, after a lot of practice at home and at the bar, I've become a competitive A division player, at least in our local league. Its true what they say about how the learning curve can be quick at first with practice, then it levels off, and every once in a while you take a little step forward.

Now Im hooked on the game, and wish i started playing in a league 10+ years earlier. This is one addictive game. Ive since added a dart board in my basement at home, and even redid the lighting to optimize that Im probably going to start looking at picking up a set of 26g darts this spring, to work with over the summer before the fall season.

RE: Your darting life so far?? - Getagrip - 06-05-2013

A thread from the old forum that was interesting, why not add your story and share it with others Smile

RE: Your darting life so far?? - Catalaya - 06-06-2013

i never threw a dart ever (old peoples game i thought). About 5 years ago a friend invited us to play social at a local pub. i was hooked. i even bought my, then hubby a dart board for fathers day (actually it was for me)! we spent weekends playing darts until the wee morning hours if not at the pubs then in our garage at home. We weren't doing too bad and we discussed playing pub league. we made up a team of 3 guys (our little group of friends)and myself and i was nominated captain (my big mouth apparently got me there). i was the only lady for quite some time in the league, and loved kicking the guys *sses! All went well, for awhile, and we were playing really well. While playing against another local drinking hole Ii was approached by an indian man who told me i should play real club darts for a region. (he played and supplied everyone all over the country with darts goodies) i was by this time quite irritated with the dudes in my team drinking and causing us to lose games (bad loser i am) and just the general disorder (noise, drinking and fights) of pub leagues. i suggested to our team that we go play at the club on their social evenings just to check it out. the guys did not enjoy it at all (no excessive drinking during games or smoking) but i fitted right in. The club asked me if i would be interested in playing as a reserve (all teams had been formed by then). I knew i wanted to play ALL THE TIME not just as a reserve, i left my pub team and joined the club, asked around and formed my own ladies team (EYE CANDY). we started half way through the year and by the end of the year our team was in the top 5. Unfortunately the team disbanded at the end of the year (they all got pregnant and divorce). Before the next season started i was approached by two different teams to join them, so i then became part of Team Cattitude. We didnt play that well but had awesome comeraderie between us. As luck would have it at the end of that year the team disbanded too, due to illness and 'marriage' pfft! so this year i get approached again, CHIHUAHAS, the girls are awesome, two top players, me and a young girl (i just remembered, she has just fallen pregnant!!!) so far we are doing excellent. i doubt this team will fall apart so heres to many happy years of playing with them.

and thats about it for my 'how i started'

RE: Your darting life so far?? - Getagrip - 06-06-2013

Thats great Cat!

You sound like your well and truly hooked, also sounds like there is quite a lot of interest from the females which is good.

Have all the ones who became pregnant given up altogether or have they made an effort to get back into it?

RE: Your darting life so far?? - Catalaya - 06-06-2013

they have given up once the baby was born. they all seem to think you cannot handle a baby and a social life. tried to convince them you need some type of distraction, a night off. only one lady i know of that still plays, brings her newborn with to most events. everyone is too happy to look after the little one while she plays.

RE: Your darting life so far?? - Getagrip - 06-06-2013

seems a bit silly to give up something they once enjoyed, I'm sure they could manage it as you say

RE: Your darting life so far?? - bnlaw - 06-06-2013

I started back 2010. I had my best friend move in with me and my wife. Which is never a good idea might I add but I know my wife would nvr cheat on me and my friend would never. Back to the story he was already playing darts. He kept spending all of his money on darts so I figured it has to be somewhat fun if he would spend all of his money on darts. So one night I decided I would go with hum to a league night. I sat there bored out of my mind then the end of the night he begged me to play with him.and of course I gave in. First throw I threw was a 120. I thought to myself wow this game is easy we went on to play till 2 in the morning. I never knew what I was missing. I was beating him and he was one of the best
So then came time for new leagues to start. I then proceeded to join 3 leagues at the same time all three of my teams dominated I won most all stars and high scores in 2 of them and it was my first leagues. I would spend hours just playing at bars. Me and my friend would go every night until his untimely death. Now I devote all I got to darts in memory to be the best like he wanted me to be.

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That just goes to show that you wont know until you try and thanks to your friend you have found something your good at and enjoy, I'm sorry to hear he has since passed on, thats sadSad

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I got started one evening in the mid 80's when I met a friend that played league darts at a local bar. He was playing one of his teammates when I walked in and asked if I'd like to give it a try. Within a week I had my own darts and I was hooked.

The local league has 4 divisions that begin with Bronze for the beginner player and progress to Silver, Gold and Platinum with several divisions in each category. The first team I played on was Silver 2 and then I went to a Gold team and played in that division for a couple years before heading into Platinum for a few years. I took a break of about 4 years where I didn't play on any teams but kept active with darts playing local money tournaments and setting up a couple boards in my "man cave" to have friends come over and toss a few darts and toss back a few beers a couple times a week.

I got back into league and quickly developed a case of "dartitis" and that was one of the most frustrating things to overcome, but when I did, my darts got better. Unfortunately for the better part of the past year I've had a serious shoulder problem with my rotator cuff and that limits my play more than I like. No more league right now, just the occasional sets of practice games to test the shoulder after recently getting a cortisone shot to help it out.

Hopefully, my shoulder will come around and I can once again get back into the game like I want to. Till then, just a few practice sets a week to try to keep things from going south.

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Thanks for sharing Gumbo, glad you overcame the Dartitis, I often think I have a touch of it myself as I throw the dart sometimes and it seems to get tangled up in my fingers and often slams against the floor, I hope it isn't that though and just me been rubbish at releasing the dart.

Sounds like you have been a good player, its a pity your shoulder is affecting your game, hopefully the cortisone will help Smile

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About 10 years ago a cousin called my brother and I up and asked if we wanted to play darts. A bar near where he lived had a group of guys and they played a pick up style cricket game, everyone put in $5 (about 3.5 quid, pounds or whatever you all want to call them) each. The two top teams would win a little cash. It was very easy going and we had a hell of a time. Eventually we switched bars the first one closed and eventually the second bar closed and no one restarted it up.

Fast forward to the present. After talking about finding a place to play again (we scoured local bars and taverns looking for dart boards or some kind of league), a friend got to talking to the people that own a tavern he plays trivia at. They liked the idea and actually one of the guys was already thinking about setting up some kind of league. Lucky for me it started up last week. We play cricket and it's mostly a social game no real ringers or overly competitive players. We draw names out of a hat to form teams and play a bracket type tournament. This week we had a few extra people and had to play a double elimination which surprisingly my team won (I am not a good player).

All in all we have a good time, some laughs, some cursing and a heck of a lot of fun. I hope to start getting better and maybe learn how to play 301/501 and find a local league but that won't be for awhile.

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(07-10-2013, 01:12 PM)uncle poop Wrote: About 10 years ago a cousin called my brother and I up and asked if we wanted to play darts. A bar near where he lived had a group of guys and they played a pick up style cricket game, everyone put in $5 (about 3.5 quid, pounds or whatever you all want to call them) each. The two top teams would win a little cash. It was very easy going and we had a hell of a time. Eventually we switched bars the first one closed and eventually the second bar closed and no one restarted it up.

Fast forward to the present. After talking about finding a place to play again (we scoured local bars and taverns looking for dart boards or some kind of league), a friend got to talking to the people that own a tavern he plays trivia at. They liked the idea and actually one of the guys was already thinking about setting up some kind of league. Lucky for me it started up last week. We play cricket and it's mostly a social game no real ringers or overly competitive players. We draw names out of a hat to form teams and play a bracket type tournament. This week we had a few extra people and had to play a double elimination which surprisingly my team won (I am not a good player).

All in all we have a good time, some laughs, some cursing and a heck of a lot of fun. I hope to start getting better and maybe learn how to play 301/501 and find a local league but that won't be for awhile.

Thats the important thing to have fun and it sounds like your are Smile

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mine started for me when i was about 8 . i remember coming down to go to school and seeing a couple of trophies on the table which my dad had won and thought i want one. i asked dad how he got them and he said playing darts and that was it. i got him to take his board off the wall and threw at it lent against a chair with a old set of his. did this for a while lifting the board as i got bigger. at about 12 i finally started to practice against the old man loosing every time .

when i got to about 14 the local pub allowed us in to play pool and darts. after about 6 months a poster came up dart players wanted so i signed up. just about to turn 15 got the old we aint a baby sitting service. made the team and won the first ever game for our team as i was on first. we won the league not loosing a game. the next season my dad came and joined which was great as me and him got runners up in the pairs.

since then i have played at least once a week sometimes as many as 5. played the england open and the england classic getting to last 128 in each. i really love the game and all that comes with it.

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Thanks for sharing Mr B, thats a great story. Sounds like your a good player too Smile