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  **Important** Picture attachments
Posted by: nixer55 - 11-15-2019, 08:41 PM - Forum: Forum Announcements - Replies (4)

Early this year, we announced changes in the size of allowed attachments - typically used to share pictures in a post.  This is the method described in the Guides as ""Attaching Images to posts using forum options".

After a major cleanup of existing attachments, we find it necessary to further restrict file sizes.  Effective immediately, files greater than 512k will not upload - you'll receive a file size error.  Further, attachments are restricted to a max of 3 per post.

See original Guide for more details on attachments and file sizes.  And once again - this doesn't effect picture links in any way:


Sorry for any inconvenience.

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  Forum Clean Up
Posted by: Crusher17 - 11-02-2019, 01:36 AM - Forum: Forum Announcements - Replies (6)

So once again it's that time of year, we are currently cleaning up the Forum, you may notice post counts down, dont worry you'll be able to get them back up, it's not a competition so don't worry plus you'll never catch Darren or Mike lol, so if your wondering why now you know

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  E-mail notifications not working
Posted by: nixer55 - 10-09-2019, 01:43 PM - Forum: Forum Announcements - Replies (6)

We're aware of email notifications for PM's received, thread subscriptions etc. not working since the migration.  This is under investigation.


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  **Important** - Update in forum server upgrade
Posted by: nixer55 - 10-07-2019, 05:52 PM - Forum: Forum Announcements - Replies (29)

Firstly, if you're reading this - welcome back.  The server upgrade took longer than expected.  Longer still for the name server edits to propagate across the net.  There is a way to take a shortcut to reach the new server (bypassing DNS), but no sense bothering with that now.  But explains how I got on so early! Wink  

My humble apologies for under estimating the time involved.  More work than expected, and DNS changes move at their own pace.

Thanks to all the Nutz for your patience.


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  ** IMPORTANT ** - Scheduled Forum Maintenance!!
Posted by: nixer55 - 10-06-2019, 06:13 PM - Forum: Forum Announcements - Replies (5)

Oct 7 - shortly after 12 PM UK time, the forum will be off line for host upgrades. We anticipate this to take less than a hour.  When the forum is offline, you'll see a notice in red - "Forum offline".  If already logged on, you'll be unable to post, PM, etc.

The forum will be switched back on as soon as we get the green light from our host provider.  Sorry for any inconvenience. Smile

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  Tinypic.com shutting down
Posted by: nixer55 - 09-10-2019, 12:22 AM - Forum: Forum Announcements - Replies (4)

For all members using tinypic.com for pics, the site is shutting down.  Some signatures with a tinypic image out there, and a fair number of posts.


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  Just for the Halibut Raffle Draw Video
Posted by: nixer55 - 08-31-2019, 02:47 PM - Forum: Forum Announcements - Replies (25)

Draw for the raffle winning numbers.  Best viewed on YT or full screen...

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  For the Halibut Raffle
Posted by: Cat - 08-18-2019, 05:36 PM - Forum: Forum Announcements - Replies (165)

[Image: rs1ZmF1m.jpg]

No particular reason - just for you Nutz
The Mods, Admins, and sponsors are expressing their appreciation for you!

Rules of the Road:
3 Days ONLY starting from TODAY, 27 August


Only Nutz members with 100 posts minimum are eligible to enter this raffle

Open to all mods & admins - except a certain feline.  And Nixer55 who'll be doing the draw

$1.00 USD per ticket
150 tickets on offer

Maximum 5 tickets per qualifying Nutz member

Numbers will be reserved by posting your requested numbers in the raffle thread.

In the case of duplicate requests for a specific number, the member who posts first in the raffle thread gets that number.
We'll do a random number draw for winners and then announce/post the winners in order of their name being drawn.

Order drawn is IMPORTANT because……..

First name drawn gets choice from all prizes on offer.

Second name drawn chooses from remaining prizes.

This will continue until all prizes are claimed by the lucky members whose name's drawn.

Winners will need to provide their forum name, their given name and their email to Cat via PM so that Cat can forward to the appropriate Sponsor.

And the winners in draw order are:
03-Yuillsy (contact info received and sent to sponsor)
30-TheJester (contact info received & sent to sponsor)
142-ChristheFish (contact info received & sent
103-Lukecfc (contact info received & sent)

Prize #1 - from VOKS

$75.00 USD gift certificate, redeemable at Voks online store for anything your darting heart desires.
AND THE WINNER IS:  ChristheFish

Please read up on the folks in this company who having been so generous.


We are a company who manufactures High Quality Darts and Accessories.  We sell our products to the public on our website and we also have many dealers throughout the world.  We take pride in being one of the few dart manufacturers in the USA, and we still hand machine each and every barrel we make!  Voks was started in 1980 in Mentor, Ohio by Mike Orav.  The company moved to Florida as Mike retired, and has been here ever since.  We are located in Melbourne, which is part of the “Space Coast” on the beaches of East Central Florida.  Our goal is to continue to grow, while keeping Quality and Customer Service our number one priority.  Without the customer, we are nothing…please let us know what we can do better, you can reach the owner, Robert 24/7 via toll free 855VOKSDARTS   This number rings direct to his cell - try that with other companies! 


Prize #2 - from Custom Made Darts

£100 credit towards any custom dart you want designed and made by them.  If you have a dream dart, they can turn that dream into reality.

Please read up on the folks in this company who have been so generous:

Custom Made Darts

Custom Made Darts are the manufacturers of custom made Steel Tip and Soft Tip darts.  Trusted by professional and amateur dart players around the world to manufacture their unique design of  Custom Hand Made Darts.  They have over 30 years of precision engineering and machining experience that ensures your darts are produced to an exceptionally high standard.  They use high quality grades of tungsten billets that are available in 80%, 90% & 95%.  They are able to produce either Steel Tip or Soft Tip Darts to your design.  They also carry out dart repointing and dart modifications including adding extra grip and removing weight.  Drop them an e-mail with your ideas and they will work with you to produce the darts your game needs.


Prize #3 - from Darts Clearance

£100 credit in their online shop.  You want to be the kid in their candy store?  This is your chance.

Please read up on the folks in this company who have been so generous:

Darts Clearance

We’re DartsClearance, and we keep it pretty simple……as our motto says, we sell “end of line Darts at Bargain prices” through our eBay shop. We try to provide fantastic customer service and always ship as soon as we can. We started by just selling purely “end of line” Dart barrels, but now also use eBay for trial runs of various products and prototype barrels. We’re always happy to receive feedback from all the DartsNutz members.


Prize #4 - from Shot Darts

Warrior 3 Darts, choice of available weight in steel or soft tip.  Shot will send direct to the winner (you - you lucky dog you) once your name is drawn.

[Image: qh9CnDym.jpg]
Capturing the indigenous spirit of Pacific Warriors, the Warrior features tattoo design work. The flowing tattoo design includes the New Zealand fern, for abundance and good health (and great playing). With its bone white shaft and cinder grip™ (superfine grip technology) on the points and barrel, the Warrior represents a taiaha – a Maori spear used for close combat. Its straight-as-an-arrow barrel gives you extra assurance with a true grip that runs front to middle.

Please read up on the folks in this company who have been so generous:

Shot Darts

We’ve been obsessing about darts since the 1970s, when John McCormick created Puma Darts and started a revolution, making darts more accurate, accessible and fun.  We’ve been pushing the boundaries of both tradition and innovation ever since – from the world’s first bladed dart board to our latest dart ranges that look, feel and perform like nothing else out there. That same passion, respect for tradition, and innovation now sits behind Shot Darts.  With the recent addition of our titanium plating plant, we’re the only precision darts manufacturer in the world to manage the entire manufacturing process in-house.  From initial concepts, to packing our beautifully finished tungsten darts by hand ready for shipment, we get it all done here at our factory in New Zealand.   Our customers are seasoned pros and weekend warriors, vikings and samurai, all in search of the perfect weapon – the perfect dart.  After 50 years in the business, we know darts is more than just the gear you play with. It’s the stories; it’s the comradery, it’s a tribe. We’re honoured to stand with you at the oche, to equip you for battle. Shot Darts. Crafted to last, built to win.


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  Major announcement - 2 new Administrators
Posted by: *Saber* - 07-29-2019, 02:29 PM - Forum: Forum Announcements - Replies (39)

In the next few days there will be 2 new Administrators. Nixer55 and Mc1958. These members are deserving of this and will help the smooth transition of recent retirement of Getagrip (Darren). Further more I am getting older and will probably early next year step down myself. Darren, Greg and myself are the original founders and I must say we have had a blast for the most part. I believe we have contributed to the dart world in learning and bringing together players from all over the world.
Thank you Dartsnutz - Larry - Saber.

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  Honoring One of Our Own
Posted by: Cat - 07-26-2019, 02:14 AM - Forum: Forum Announcements - Replies (36)

The Mods and Admins have gotten together and determined  that there is one Nutz that needs to be honored in a very special way.

This Nutz is a long time member whose enthusiasm for darts, for the forum and  dedication to promoting this forum needs to be acknowledged and a visible accolade needs to be bestowed upon this Nutz.

Therefore, this banner will be reserved for the Nutz so honored for their sole use in their signature.

[Image: lvnS5tM.jpg]

That Nutz is.......
The one, the only——

“Darts Nutz Ambassador”

Well done Troll, and well deserved.

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