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Full Version: Shot Bandit Plus dartboard review
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I bought a Shot Bandit,not the Plus, and after using it for 10 days found I liked it enough to possibly buy the Bandit Plus for my own use at home.
My Blade4 is showing lots of abuse in the Bulls ring and so I might spring for the new board after your review.
Just shows that your reviews are timeless, Darren. Thanks for the wonderful photos and top notch review
Cheers Tom! Smile
I just replaced my year old Blade 4 with the Bandit Plus.

Here are some more pics for anybody considering this particular dart board.

So far, I like it.

[Image: BanditPlus%20003_zpsesjvzo4h.jpg]

[Image: BanditPlus%20032_zps1aimthj1.jpg]

[Image: BanditPlus%20035_zpsffvrrbtt.jpg]

[Image: BanditPlus%20045_zpso5g6ozjs.jpg]
Looking good Smile
Few thing beat the look and smell of a new board, enjoy and thanks for taking the time to post pictures
Very nice. I agree Chris - the look and smell of a new board just out of the box!!
The smell of carcinogens? ...that's what all new boards smell like to me.
Haha!! I'm glad my sense of smell differs from yours Milky lol
(12-17-2015, 10:55 AM)Getagrip Wrote: [ -> ]Looking good Smile


But I did run into my first issue last night. The point of one of my Barney Phase 4's broke off into this board.

It's probably a rare thing to happen but I'm not really sure the "thinness" of this board, which you pay extra for, is a positive.

Those were one of my two favorite sets of darts.

Now I'm off to order another set of Barney Phase 4's or Barney Phase 2A's to replace them, which makes this a $125.00 board.

If I had to do it again, I would go with The Bandit over The Bandit Plus.
Not sure if it would be the thinness causing the point to break, that's a bit unlucky though.
Bad luck with the Barney's. I had a bandit and thought it was pretty good but I only used it for 2 weeks
(12-28-2015, 03:42 PM)Getagrip Wrote: [ -> ]Not sure if it would be the thinness causing the point to break, that's a bit unlucky though.

Not sure either. I did find an older thread where the same thing happened to another person's set of Barney Phase 4's.

So it could be the points.

But my darts do seem to go through the board and hit the back sometimes.

The good news is that A-Z Darts just added a Shot! repointing tool to their website...the the darts are fixable.

In fact, I'll probably add some Storm points to them once I get the repointing tool.

The Bandit Plus is a good looking board. I love the razor thin wire...it's almost impossible to have a bounce out on it.

But just noting that it's not a prefect board.

If you do hit a soft spot with a heavier dart(24-26 gram), it does appear the dart can go through and hit the back of the board.

The Shot! repointing tool looks almost identical to the A180, which is hard to get in the U.S.

So I'm guessing it's pretty decent.
Just one thing i can't get my mind about, with the ADV III and the bandit plus, why can they not join the ends of the spider plate in a more decent way?
In the 18 months since this review, we have had reports of WAVEY wires, excessive fallouts/bounce outs, and broken dart points.
The board is beautiful, but those concerns are too much for me to overcome.
Well i think that mabey a Bandit Plus 2 could be a great board if they fix these problems.
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