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Full Version: Switching right hand to left
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(01-17-2014, 12:27 AM)Cainey Wrote: [ -> ]Hi I have posted this on another forum so apologies to those who have see this before
Some years a go (1982 to be precise) I was a 22 year old county player. But within 3 years my finger started to slip off my dart when I was throwing. It got to the stage that I thought I had dartitis because of my finger slipping at the time of release thus stopping me from releasing my dart. It got so bad that I packed in playing.
As any darts mad player will tell you that even if you can't play the game, darts are never far from your mind.
Over the years my grip got worse and even holding a knife and fork was a difficult task ( my finger kept slipping at the most embarrassing moments and food would flirt onto the table) it turns out that I had a damaged neck and spine due to a accident I had some years ago that i thought was healed. To cut a long story short I ended up having spine and neck surgery but due to the op I lost all feeling in my right fingers. Recently I moved house and found my old darts and set up a board. It was useless I couldnt feel my darts so I started with my left hand and the results were rotten I hit the wall,light and even the dog. I thought that i would never crack it.
Five months down the line I have hit a few 180s and my throwing has improved ten fold. I am miles from county standard but due to my age (53) and the time lapse I don't think I'm doing too bad. My aim is to practice practice practice until I'm at a good standard and join a pub team and then my goal is to win the single merits. (you have to think big dont you?)If I can help anyone with similar problems I would be more than willing to share any experiences with them
Same experience, I lost the strength in my right elbow (damaged elbow ligament due to accident). Now, i've been using my left arm.. 
Nice to hear your story, and i'am motivated to practice more.
That's a very inspiring story Cainey.  Thank you for sharing.
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