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Full Version: Switching right hand to left
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Interesting, another member who throws with his "Off Hand".... and it's his right.

What was your training regimen?
I just don my headphones and just do what takes my fancy. I throw for at least 2 hours a day but I must admit I'm starting to get addicted like I did all those years ago.
Comfort is my main concern comfort and enjoyment. I'm going to keep hitting the board until Christmas and then review my stats.
Accident happened for me when I was only just starting to play. So no training as such, just working through the frustration of throwing with my wrong hand by putting as much time as I could onto the board. Eventually building up some comfort and confidence in my throw. Got to a stage about 12 months on from the accident that I was invited to play in one of the local beer leagues. Did well, managed a 180 in my first season and took 3rd place for new player of the year in the league.

Training now hasn't changed much. Although it is more structured. Started a new training routine middle of last year and it seems to be helping.
I throw at T20 with first two darts (allowing myself to throw a 'cover shot' at the T19 if my first dart is blocking the bed). If I score 77+ on my first two darts I throw at a double (1-20 in any order). Hit my double, repeat. I get only three darts to hit my 77+ and double. It took me 2-3 hrs when I first started. I can do it in about 45 minutes now.
Good to hear you have done so well too Ed, there is hope for me yet!
I find if I have a routine it all seems to be a bit of a bind. I like to be a free spirit. I have yet to get to a good standard. I think when I get near to where I want to be ( skill level) I will start tighten my routine , doubles etc
(01-19-2014, 07:11 PM)Cainey Wrote: [ -> ]I find if I have a routine it all seems to be a bit of a bind. I like to be a free spirit. I have yet to get to a good standard. I think when I get near to where I want to be ( skill level) I will start tighten my routine , doubles etc

I think you have done very well so far, how high are you aiming before you declare you have reached a good level?
wish you well, you throw better with your left than i do with my right. awesome story and i have to applaud the dedication!
I would be stupid to think that I could achieve my past form. I was very lucky and a natural dart thrower. I now need to work at every throw which is quite alian to me. I would love to be a good consistent pub player and if time is on my side I would really love to play super league. I know I would never reach county level again but the buzz from super league/ county is quite different to pub throwing. I am really enjoying throwing again but if my mind wanders and I loose consentration I really miss by quite a lot. So it's practice and consentration needed. I know this sounds pathetic but when I concentrate for two hours I'm really tired but I'm really enjoying my darts again. To answer your question I would love to be a steady team player
Very nice post - welcome to the forum my friend.
Well, I went to the Ortho that did my shoulder surgery last October 17th and have been released by him after checking out my shoulder with a few resistance exercises. He was pleased with the progress report forwarded to him by the folks at the rehab facility and said I was good to go and only come back on an "as need" basis. He recommended I continue at home with some of the exercises I was doing at PT but saw no real reason to continue the sessions at their facility thus saving me $30 a visit in co-pay. Now that's some real beer money there.

I talked to him about darts and he said he saw no reason I couldn't pursue it since he is familiar with the throwing motion and knows it's mainly elbow, forearm and wrist involved. The guy was on the track and field team when in college and was their javelin thrower for 4 years.

My accuracy has taken a beating over the past 3 months, but that will come back with practice. The only thing that is really a bit sore is my elbow. It reminded me of the first time I threw darts all those many years ago and a friend tried to get me to stop after half an hour, but I threw for an hour and a half and paid for it the next day with a sore elbow. Amazing how that motion works muscles not normally used daily.

My experiment in throwing left handed was fun as it helped with my need to throw darts as I was going into withdrawals not throwing. I did see some pretty good improvement in accuracy and finesse, but it was slow and sometimes frustrating, especially when trying for outs in 01 and those important bulls in cricket to end the game.

Let's see what the new year with a repaired shoulder brings. I'm just going to take is slow for now and build up to how I use to play as far as how many hours I can put practicing and playing. The new league just started but I'm not ready for that yet, but by the summer league I should be raring to go.
Go for it mate. The buzz you get from throwing good darts helps you over come the bad times
done this myself cainey although i write left handed i've always thrown right handed
then for no reason i can fathom.
i just couldn't throw a dart without turning it sideways before release
so a couple or so years ago at 52 i changed to left hand
and after a while i've seen some good improvements
the key as with most things is perseverance
Fantastic story, really well done,
Such an inspirational story! Wish you all the best and wish I was able to throw with both arms as I struggle with my right 95% of the time Guests cannot see images in the messages. Please register at the forum by clicking here to see images.
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