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Full Version: Switching right hand to left
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Hi I have posted this on another forum so apologies to those who have see this before
Some years a go (1982 to be precise) I was a 22 year old county player. But within 3 years my finger started to slip off my dart when I was throwing. It got to the stage that I thought I had dartitis because of my finger slipping at the time of release thus stopping me from releasing my dart. It got so bad that I packed in playing.
As any darts mad player will tell you that even if you can't play the game, darts are never far from your mind.
Over the years my grip got worse and even holding a knife and fork was a difficult task ( my finger kept slipping at the most embarrassing moments and food would flirt onto the table) it turns out that I had a damaged neck and spine due to a accident I had some years ago that i thought was healed. To cut a long story short I ended up having spine and neck surgery but due to the op I lost all feeling in my right fingers. Recently I moved house and found my old darts and set up a board. It was useless I couldnt feel my darts so I started with my left hand and the results were rotten I hit the wall,light and even the dog. I thought that i would never crack it.
Five months down the line I have hit a few 180s and my throwing has improved ten fold. I am miles from county standard but due to my age (53) and the time lapse I don't think I'm doing too bad. My aim is to practice practice practice until I'm at a good standard and join a pub team and then my goal is to win the single merits. (you have to think big dont you?)If I can help anyone with similar problems I would be more than willing to share any experiences with them
Welcome -- and what an amazing, inspiring story!
Good for you to be doing so well with the "off" hand. On a much lesser note I have taken to throwing left handed because of shoulder surgery on my right arm, but it is only a temporary thing and I should be able to get back to tossing the arrows right handed pretty soon. I have improved throwing wrong handed, but not nearly to the level you have attained and I doubt I ever could hit your level of consistency. I have a hard enough time throwing 180's with the right hand so if I were to throw one left handed I'd have to take a picture and put the darts away.

I bet you're glad to be back on track and probably be on a pub team in no time making inroads to your goal. Good luck.
Thanks. Sometimes if I don't concentrate on each and every dart one goes really off target and I have some real bad days but I now feel comfortable throwing left handed. I just need to be more consistent . I have give myself until Xmas 2014 to up my game. I am practicing 2 hours a day and intend upping that as my throwing improves . Only time will tell
interesting that I recently just thought what if something would happen to my right arm so tossed a few with the left. lousy at first but gradually i was at least hitting the board. Your example shows that with practice anything can be accomplished
Welcome aboard Cainey and thanks for telling us your story, thats a real inspiration and amazing that you have hit some 180's with your left!

Lefty who is one of our mods (although he is more or less absent now due to other commitments) injured his right arm in an accident and can only throw with his left but has done quite well too.

I myself have had a shoulder injury which ruined my throw but I have on going wrist problems which stops me from throwing for a couple of weeks or more at a time and also means I can only play 30 - 45 mins before it bothers me (on good days that is).

Now I have just hurt my hand too, I have not bothered going to A and E to have it X-Rayed, maybe I should have but its badly bruised and very painful. I can't even flick a light switch without it hurting at present, so I am going to give throwing with my left a go and see how it works out.

I am left eye dominant so if I could get the same control and feeling as if it was my right then I think I would be actually better due to it been on the side of my good eye.

I think I better keep the dog well away while I am trying then Guests cannot see images in the messages. Please register at the forum by clicking here to see images.
Well done as myself being right handed I could never throw with my left hand as all darts would end up

either in the wall or on the floor but very good you've overcome this obstacle and able to throw with your

opposite throwing hand and so good on ye fir such Guests cannot see images in the messages. Please register at the forum by clicking here to see images.
Hi getagrip
If you do decide to go left you must remember that it's going to be a roller coster of emotions. Even today I had a why do I bother day. But I will throw on and overcome my feelings. Just keep going your first 180 will be just as good as your first right handed 180. Remember that you can't just transfer your skills over , you are now a novice player all over again. If you don't expect fantastic results from the start everything is a bonus. Your first ton your first bull finish etc will feel good so enjoy them as a new player. Practice practice practice.
Yeah I hear ya, had a few throws and this was my best so far:

Guests cannot see images in the messages. Please register at the forum by clicking here to see images.

Everything feels so weird though, even trying to stand right Guests cannot see images in the messages. Please register at the forum by clicking here to see images.
Great grouping. It gets better I promise.
Try to mirror your grip, stance etc over to your left. At first the darts will go every where. Once you are comfortable things will improve. Remember the only skill you can transfer is experience ie keeping calm when two darts are in treble twenty and you have one more to throw. If you need to adjust your normal throw to get comfortable Do so. You need to have a natural throw and you need above all to be comfortable. Remember when you first started right handled how you practiced grouping , you need to start all over again. Patience is a big factor so is practice.
Thanks mate, I have no choice at present its either throw left or not at all so I may as well give it a go Guests cannot see images in the messages. Please register at the forum by clicking here to see images.
Wow crazy story. Welcome. With a few 180's after only a handful of months playing I think you may be ready for league. I have yet to hit a 180 with about 8 months of playing. Although to tell the truth, I only recently started playing '01.

Good luck with your play.
Good Luck Cainey!

My first posting on this blog was "Achey Rt arm,Throw Lefty?"

I can be done!
Tough go Cainey. Great to hear you've made the switch and have a good attitude. I started as a left hand player and due to an unfortunate incident with a compost spreader I was forced to switch to my right. Throwing with my left now feels foreign. Don't think I could even throw as well as Grip!
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