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Full Version: Easimat dart mat review
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I was looking for a dart mat as I was a bit sick of a bit of marking tape on the floor. Also, I often play bare footed and standing in the same place on the carpet in bare feet was starting to create a bit of a ‘patch’ on the carpet.
I looked for some reviews but couldn’t find any so a bit of internet research and I concluded that there didn’t seem a lot of difference between them though the prices varied quite considerably.
I was hoping to get the McKicks carpet mat to avoid the new rubber smell, but they were sold out at Doubletop darts so being a bit tight-fisted I decided on the cheapest I could find, a rubber mat from easimat.com. It cost £22.99 inc 48hr delivery which I thought was excellent value.
It indeed had a strong rubber smell when it arrive but I soaked it in water with washing powder and vinegar for an hour and the majority of the smell has gone. 
The measurements on the mat are about 100mm off, I’m not sure if that is deliberate so people can take into account how far off of the wall their board is, but a straight edge and sharp knife will allow you to adjust the length for your own individual setup. Better too long than too short though.
Overall very happy as it’s a good thick heavy duty rubber and it doesn’t seem to move when you walk on it.[attachment=undefined][Image: Mflrxuq.jpg] ppl