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Full Version: Which darts mat?
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At the moment I just have some masking tape on the floor and that’s a bit sad really. I looked through old threads on here but can’t find anything really so what I want to know is should I go for Rubber or carpet? I’ve read that some/all rubber mats have a strong rubber smell. Any recommendations would be appreciated too. Ideally I would not spend a huge amount on it. It will go on top of carpet and I would like it less than about 8mm thick.
Thanks in advance
The Winmau Extreme Darts Mat is good which you can buy a Raised Oche for as well

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I use a non-permanent dart stand for my dartboard, so each day I set it up, do the measurements and then lie an old rag on the carpet for the oche.
I have a zaap dart mat. It did have a strong order when first opened but I left it unrolled in the garage for a couple days and the odor was gone. The end that abuts the wall is not cut straight and the wall has a baseboard such that the markings on the Matt are not the correct distance from the board face. I just put some duct tape down at the right distance. I mainly wanted it to protect the floor and points on bounce outs. It has done that well as long as the bounce outs cooperate and land on the mat.