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Full Version: L style metal caps
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Just tried these now- official l style metal champagne cups. Fit great and look great! I weighed them and they came in at .6 of a gram compared to barely nothing for a plastic cup. Does that weight make a difference or Is that not possible? I thought my darts were landing flatter after installing them.... have had 5 180s in the last month and wouldn’t want to upset my ‘form’ lol[Image: iEyJWKO.jpg]
Ps that wasn’t a ‘look I hit 3 13s’ photo just whacked those darts in the board for a photo!
Would recommend these metal caps. Bought some dmc ones but they didn’t fit properly
Yes, the weight of the metal caps do make a difference, especially since they are located at the rear of the dart. As you noted, they will tend to make the darts land flatter.