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Full Version: Smooth Satin Points
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I really like the points on my Cosmo Big Daddy 2 darts, they are a plain finish satin finish, 30 mm exposed and they stick really well in the board - make a little suction sound when you pull them out.  I don't think Cosmo sells the points separately, so wondering if anyone has any suggestions for a point of this type.  I saw Yoshimura points on Dartsbuddy, but aside from being crazy expensive, I don't care for the grip lines.  Sorry my cell camera doesn't do close up too well, but here is an idea of what I am seeking...

[Image: 6RZ6Iep.jpg]
Apparently, Cosmo does sell these points separately, but you cannot buy them from retailers, only Cosmo direct.  A big shout out to our buddy Brian who went to great lengths so I could get some of these great points. Since shipping is restricted to the USA from Japan, he was able to get the North American sales rep to sell them to me and had them shipped with one of their orders to AtoZ darts.  When AtoZ got them they shipped them to me.  That is a lot of customer service for a couple of sets of points!

I feel so blessed to be part of this forum and have guys like Brian as friends, go out of their way to help fellow darts nuts.  A big shout out to also to AtoZ, that is some outstanding customer service going on there.

Now, for the points.  It's that little extra refinement in some products that I really appreciate.  They are just the right length for me at 35mm long.  They are a bit stickier than black coated points, but not by much.  They have brushed stainless steel look (not sure if they are actually stainless or not) so they look perfect with natural tungsten darts.  After 4 to 6 hours of playing, no sign of the points showing any wear and tear.
Great stuff from Brian - and A-Z...
I would love to get some of these points too if I could and a shed load aswell I love the cosmos points wonder if Brian is able to help a UK guy out
I am pretty sure he can since he is the rep for Eruope, PM him...