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Full Version: Nexus board
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Very tempted to treat myself to one during the lockdown.... but they’re not cheap! What’s everyone’s honest opinion on these?
Maybe check out the soft tip area Ed.  There's a thread there, other comments are more scattered:


Say the word and I'll move your thread.  Although it's in the right place IMO, might get more hits in the soft tip area?

I posted a few thoughts on the Nexus here:

I will also say when people were commenting/complaining about the noise from certain steel tip boards, I was surprised at how "silent" my Gladiator 3 was compared to the Nexus. The Nexus is LOUD compared to ANY steel tip board. So, if noise is an issue, then this will be a problem...
Hello everyone
Yes nixer, perhaps it’s better in the soft tip bit. Concerning noise, I live in a flat and am not quite sure how much noise transmits to our neighbours... have never had any complaints about noise from my normal board
Moved to soft tip chat...