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Full Version: Granboard dash - viable?
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Hi guys, looking to get into soft tip to give it a try as it's never really been a big thing here in the UK, a friend has a, dash and said its pretty good, but noisy, would a Granboard 3 be a better way to get into things? Would either of the boards take a 23g dart? I've been looking at the Nexus but it just seems too costly, not to mention falling into the trap of the dartsplanet giveaways where if you look at who wins them are pretty much fixed so 90% of the winners are in their little circle, so realisation tells me that isn't gonna happen on there!

Thanks for any thoughts and opinions!

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Depends on how much you want to invest. The dash allows you to play online just like the GB3. However if you break one of the segments on the Dash, it cannot be replaced. On the GB3 all the segments including the spider can be replaced if broken. Its not advisable to go above 20g darts on the Granboards. I highly recommend the GB3. I never have a problem finding someone to throw against. I love mine.