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Full Version: DIY Gran board matt anybody
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Has anybody made a diy gran board matt yet, i like the idea of it but $155 seems way too much?

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I have one. There is a piece that communicates with the board for the leds. I have not seen this piece on other led light kits, so I’m guessing you have to buy theirs. However, I haven’t looked enough into it, so it’s probably simple enough to craft.

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It depends how they've done it.

As the control box connects to the board via USB, I suspect that's how it's done.

Have they used a generic USB LED strip controller and just stuck it in a box? If so, it should be fairly straightforward to hack one together if you could get the parts.

If it's bespoke then I doubt you could do it.

An alternative would be to use the in built Philips Hue integration. I dont know how much it would cost, probably not cheap.
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That’s it in a nutshell

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