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Full Version: Online Play for Members Thread
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This thread is for members to list their interest in setting up online matches.  We recommend you include your player name, platform (Nexus, Granboard, etc.), and avg.  Time availability might be handy as well, but this can be worked out via PM.  DartsNutz covers a lot of time zones. Wink

Please be aware information in this thread is publicly visible, so be advised accordingly.

Depending on response, we may split this thread by platform.

cheers - and good darting!
I'm on VDarts.

Dart Break Kid


3.4 MPR

33 PPD

In UK.
I'm on Gran board and waiting on my target nexus)
MPR 2.13
PPD 57.51
On Nexus

2.5 MPR
23 PPD
So who’s got a Nexus. Let’s hear your name and play.
Gran board 3s

Mpr 3.17

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Hi darts here....Jrey78

3.0 mpr
31 pod

US central time

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