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Full Version: Shot Bandit Duro
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The Shot Bandit Duro:

Foto 1
First off all i want to express i'm a big fan of the new Shot products.  I love the new dart lines, shafts, flights etc.
So i hope i'm objectieve enough in my review.

After reading the specs of the shot Bandit duro dartboard i was very curious. If the board is as good as they say, and the quality the same as there other new products. i have found myself a new board!

The Shot Bandit Duro should be different then other availible dartboards.

Very important for me are:

• Self healing and harder sisal especialy for grip points ( i only use grip points and hate if when the sisal comes out!)
• Low noise ( this way i can play when the family is a sleep)
• Longer live 
• Easy installing

I bought a board, and at home i opened the box. The board i found inside was damaged... ( this can happen ofcourse) The outer ring of the spider around numbers 5 was bended and pressed deeper in the sisal. Also around some other numbers the outer ring was deeper in the board.


For a board of €78 I aspect a board with no mistake so i went back to the store. They swapped the board directly! They said this board should not have come on the market. Zo with a new board i went home again.
The seconde board was not 100% again, this one also had a small damaged spot on the spider. But if i throw a dart one time at the same spot it would have been damaged so i desided to keep the board.

Taking the board under a loop made me see a lot of small painting mistakes. The Spider on the board is painted white and that gives in my opinion a very Nice look. But it looks like they painted the sisal after they put the spider in or the paint on the sisal was wet on a few places. On the spider there were little places green or Red


The hanging of the board was very easy. There is a measuring tape in the box. On the back of it there is a line at the exact hight, just take a pencil and qdraw a line at that position. The bracket you screw on the wand has 5 holes. if you screw a screw trough the middelhole exactly on the line you just draw the bracket is on the right position. After this you screw a screw through the other 4 holes and youre almost done. You unscrew the middle one and you your bracket is done. Over the bracket you place the cardboard that you found on the back of the dartboard and you can hang your bord over the bracket. This is possible because on the back of the board there is a already installed second bracket In the cardboard there are 4 holes, if you hang your board on the wall, you can slide a plug (also added) behind the bord in the hole what gives a lot of extra stability, and youre finished.

The sisal feels realy hard and smooth. I throwed a few time with a few different grip point. Sometime ridigulous hard but so far the sisal did not came out. The grippoints i used are The firepoint edge,  Storm and grooved storm. 
I can ’t say for how long the sisal keeps selfhealing, but for now this is a great plus. In the next months i will give some updates.

Sound ***Update are below ***
Shothot says that this is a quit board . I have throwed a time on the bord and the sound the board make when your dart hits the board is not the the “pok pok pok" sound i know from the boards. Now it sound more like a “phew Phew phew" ?. But is of realy more quit, of is different for sure, it produces also a little less sound. But i hope for more or less

*** sound update ***
As i wrote above, The sound if different as the other well know dartboards. But i could'nt say the sound was less. When my children or wife are in bed on the first floor, they could hear me playing darts in the living room. It seems this is over! The last 1.5 day, i was playing darts in the early morning and evening. Both my wife and children didn't hear me playing.  I find this very possitive because it means you can play darts the entire day without people are bothered. Especialy for darters living in an appartement this is a good development.

The board is very nice to see, it also looks a little more black then the other boards. The sisal is a lot more solid and has a smooth surface. 
So my first impression if i compare the shot Bandit duro against a blade 5. Is that the sisal of the Bandit duro is much better, but i don ’t know if it stays like this on the long term. The sound reducing is present but not as much as i hoped. The hanging system is very easy if you draw the line at the right hight it is almost  guaranteerd it will hang ok.
The Big dissapointment of the board is the painting and the damaged spiders. Perhaps i had just bad luck with the spider, because the dartboard was packed with 3 boards in a bigger box, but the painting is too slobby on a €78 board.
Would i have bought this board again if i knew all of this, i don't know. More boards have problems and the sisal is so far very good!

I hope they will make some adjustment on the board and find a solution painting of the board. Because it realy has potential
Thanks for the review & pics, it's a shame about the quality, 2 boards damaged
Thanks for the review.  Those imperfections on the spider are concerning.  Might be shipping damage, but don't see any telltale marks in the surrounding sisal.  The indifferent painting is also a concern at this price point.

I have an original Bandit in my collection of boards, and like them.  But would be inclined to contact Shot about the spider, since you got 2 in a row with major imperfections.  Bad job lots happen, but this is an expensive board.  More money = higher expectations.

Thank you for the review.

I was very interested in what the overpriced shot board looks like in the real world.
Unfortunately the quality really frightens me. Shot has serious problems with the production or with the lack of quality assurance.
That's a big no from me.

It would be great if you could give a small update in 6 months if the board/sisal is still OK.
Thanks for the review and pics. Not had a Bandit board but have hasd a Bulls Advantage (3 I think it was) which I believe are the same board - found it was far too hard for me so got rid fairly quickly. I won't be buying this board anyway if it is also hard, but I agree the imperfections are a concern at the price point.
(07-05-2019, 03:33 PM)Cateye Wrote: [ -> ]Thank you for the review.

I was very interested in what the overpriced shot board looks like in the real world.
Unfortunately the quality really frightens me. Shot has serious problems with the production or with the lack of quality assurance.
That's a big no from me.

It would be great if you could give a small update in 6 months if the board/sisal is still OK.

Cateye, i will try to make ones a month or perhaps one time in the two months an update. 
Mostly i'm throwing 1,5 -2 hours a day,  so i think it is interesting to see when the sisal stops self healing. And hoe quick that proces goes
Thank you for the review.

I was very interested in the Shot dart board after I just saw an ad from AZ Darts for the board on sale. I too like the firestorm points and this board sounded interesting except for the quality issues with the board. I wonder now. You will have to update your review to let me know if the board actually last longer.
Thanks for your initial review and pictures, disappointed that such an expensive board has colouring issues as well as possible transport damage- that really sucks.
Thank you for the review and pictures, great job Smile
Nice review!
Any update on the wear of the board since the last post?

I'm planning my next darts board to buy, and this is one of the top boards from my list. Although, I heard that it is too firm for home usage and not-hard-throwers. Would this be a problem for a guy with an average (not soft, not hard) throw like me? What is the experience?

Another thing. Unfortunately I have to hang my board on an uneven surface (~ a not 100% vertical door). Could the hanging console and the foam wedges help on this and fix the board in place? Currently I have a Winmau Blade 5 and like the Rotalock solution a lot...