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Full Version: Hankey & Lowe eyeing comebacks?
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Make of this what you will, but John Lowe tweeted a few weeks back that he was thinking about investing time into serious practice

And just now, Winmau has on the twitter that The Count himself wants to make a comeback "at the highest levels" as well!

When you are seeing these euro tour events and guys having games with 60 averages, I dont blame them. Could be interesting though to see some old faces.
I saw the Lowe one - good luck with that, the way it is structured now he wouldn't even win a tour card, let alone qualify for any of the Euro Tour events. The reason you see the low averages on the Euro Tour events is those players are either QSchool failures or are host nation qualifiers who didn't even go to QSchool.
As for Hankey I doubt he would win a tour card either these days
When the cowboy rides off into the sunset .... it's usually best if he stays there.
Watched a vid of Lowe just chilling and throwing at bull

Even casual he hit trip bull

I'd love it!

And why not???
I think John could do it. Hankey I don’t think he would cope
I wouldn’t count Lowe out, but am a bit baffled by his plan’s for preparation. If he NOW wants to put in solely “2 months of dedicated training” (no exhibitions than, presumably) that means he’ll (in theory) be at his best at (let’s be generous) september. Q-School takes place in January, which means he’ll most likely be yo-yo training during the entirety of the fall.

I highly doubt that’s gonna take you through Q-School, which standard raises year by year.

Unless this is all a vanity project in which he simply wants to test if he can still hit a 90-95 avg and a 30-40% checkout rate consistently.
Would like to see both try.
Love to see John hav a go , just been to his exbo I know exbo are nothing to matchplay but he was hitting the 180s  hitting 140s for fun the man can defo still throw
Darts is a funny thing. Sports live and die by the personalities involved in them. Darts has been unlucky, many people still adore Phil but he was short, pudgy and irritable. Lucky for him he won everything in sight, because he wasn't gaining any points for charisma. Now when you had two polar opposites in the likes of Bristow and Lowe, that made for a great angle. I love MvG, but he is much like Phil in that he doesn't bring much in terms of entertainment aside from just playing great and doing amazing things on the oche. And with such a big drop off after MvG especially with Gary hurt, darts could really use an angle, something to talk about. If there were any chance of them being at all competitive, it would be very cool to see some of the old guys come back.
Everyone loves a comeback and legend and this would be mint.

In this sport it ain't boxing, no one is getting hurt and even if he loses 6-0 it's not like we don't have top 10 players losing like that.

At nearly 74 if he can qualify for a tournie and make TV for me it'd be the greatest darts comeback in history.

And why not. He's not hurting himself or anyone else?

If anything it should show everyone that age is just a. Number!

Count me as a paid in full member of the Lowe comeback
Well said Nighteyes , hope it happens
Well said dude, id love to see Ted back myself, im a huge fan but to see Lowe back at it would be pure Rocky type stuff!
At the very least both should get along to some UK open qualifiers next start.
I know zilch about Ted Hankey because between childhood and 2016 I didn't watch darts at all, so he doesn't mean anything to me. As a kid I used to watch darts with grandad, so I have fond memories of watching all the greats play: John Lowe, Eric Bristow and Jocky.

It would be great to see John Lowe make a comeback, and he will add a new dimension to the current dart world.
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