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Full Version: Dark Thunders vs Spectres
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I'm looking to get either the Designa Dark Thunder or Spectre's in 24g.  They're very simlar darts except for the grip so I was wondering which one dart is grippier.  Dark Thunder seems like an average grip, according to Getagrip's review, and Spectre's seem a less grippy. 

I'm looking for something a little less grippy so right now I'm leaning toward the Spectre's.

If anybody has some insights into these grips that would help a lot.

I removed the paint on my dark thunders and it made them very grippy, Never tried the other dart you mentioned.
I forgot the Spectres come in a few different grips, I mean these ones:  https://www.dartscorner.co.uk/product_in...s_id=15258

Thanks for the feedback Mackem!
Havent ever held these Spectres but the "hero" grip on the Thunders is my most favourite grip. I prefer the original grip on Unicorn Phase 2 Taylors. The one on the Gary Anderson Phase 3 darts is very similar, just a bit softer. The Dark Thunder grip on 20g version that I had a few years ago was very similar to the one on the Taylors. There are also darts with a seemingly similar grip - Designa Ultralites, however Ultralites are really sticky. Which I like too, they're only available in lighter weights though. I've got the 17g ones.
I bet you'll be happy either way; personally I'd take the Spectre. SLIGHTLY slimmer and nearly a full mm shorter, if you can trust DC measurements.
I don't love darts over about 51 mm; I get more fish tailing darts if I go over.
Yeah I'm definitely leaning toward Spectre as the Dark Thunders grip is sounding pretty grippy.
Just get both, you know you deserve some new darts
(05-15-2019, 09:34 PM)ChrisTheFish Wrote: [ -> ]Just get both, you know you deserve some new darts

hmmmm I do and they're cheap...