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Full Version: Problems with External Text Editors and Forum Posts
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Problems with External Text Editors and Forum Posts

Sometimes members like to use their favourite text editor when composing a post.  Perhaps for the spell checking, special formatting, or they're just comfortable with it.  Problem is, when you paste the formatted text into a forum post, codes specific to your device end up embedded along with the text.  Another member comes along with a different device, and ends up seeing something like the below.  Thanks to Rene P for the screenshot from his iPhone:

[Image: iF7nS5Ml.jpg]

How to get around this?  Well, you could just use the forum post editor to create the post.  Or, use your favourite editor - but 'fix' the content before posting with this simple trick.

Let's say you're using Microsoft Word and create a document you want to post.  First, strip out the formatting codes before pasting into the forum post editor.  How?  Most devices have a plain text editor.  For MS Windows - Notepad is an example.  Simply copy your formatted text into the plain text editor.  This will remove the text formatting codes such as font type, size, effects, etc.  Then copy that text into the forum post.

If you still want fancy effects, use the forum post editor to add them.  The forum software will render the result so that any device can read it.  Now everyone can enjoy your work!

Happy posting! Smile

Update:  For those using IOS devices like iPad, read the next post! Wink
Seems IOS devices don't ship with a plain text editor anymore.  They have 'Pages', but this is not a plain text editor.  It's more like 'Wordpad' on MS Windows - a 'rich' text editor.  This won't work to remove formatting codes.  I hear 'Textastic' available from the app store is plain text, but don't know much about it.  Us Linux guys don't hang around app stores much. Tongue