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Full Version: Dartsnutz.net is 6 years old today!
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Yeah 6 years ago the forum was started on this present site so Happy Birthday to us Smile

Thanks to all the great members who make the Nutz the best place to be for darts fans!
Happy Birthday to us, and may we have many more - big thanks to all our great members Smile
Happy Birthday Darts Nutz forum. Smile
Happy Birthday to us! Happy Birthday to us! Happy Birthday dear Darts Nutz! Happy Birthday to us!!

Thanks to the admins and the moderators and the users that make this place the best place to be!!!

Happy Birthday Darts Nutz !!!
Ah to be young again. We've grown along with all of you. HB Nutz.
Happy B-day !!  Smile Smile Smile
Happy Birthday Darts Nutz Forum, glad I came along when I did!
happy birthday forumbirthday
Woooo! Happy birthday to us! I’ll celebrate at darts tonight with a can of coke lol
Happy Birthday to us  slurp birthday
Happy birthday Dartsnutz
Happy Birthday :-) I am not much into celebrating, but it's great to be part of this.
Happy Birthday Darts Nutz! Congrats Getagrip - your “child” is a prodigy!
Happy Birthday Darts Nutz!!!  Many thanks to the admins that got this crazy thing up and running, as well as all moderators that help keep it running.  I, for one, truly appreciate it.  I pretty much cut my teeth here and without this forum, I would still be throwing door knobs.  I still do, sometimes but at least you guys make it fun and I'm glad to be a part of it!!  Happy 6 Years guys!!!
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