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Full Version: What Are The Toughest Flights?
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I currently use Target Pro 100 and Target Vision Fade Flights, both 100 macron thick.

Never any issues with them until I got my Carreras. It's a good thing I'm grouping, but the bad thing is i'm having to change my flights every 4-5 days. I've had torn Flights and even clean splits.

The front of the barrel is the issue, it's causing damage. What are the toughest flights about that I can use?

Before anyone says change your darts.. I can't. These are my 'perfect dart' ;Wink

Thanks Smile

[Image: RDDiKtZm.jpg]
Storm points or tridents for the points might save you some flights.
Robson Flights are pretty thick or you could try a cheaper alternative to the target flight like a Amazon or Pentathlon flight

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Flights are cheap, good grouping is priceless !!!
Thing is with some harder/tougher flights your deflections can be worst if your using normal flights, the dart does slide by as well, since i switched my darts in Jan i might get 2 nights maybe 3 out of a set of flights, i'll take it tho cause i'm shooting better
(03-10-2019, 02:26 AM)Borisbbadd Wrote: [ -> ]Flights are cheap, good grouping is priceless !!!

This^ flights are so cheap, if you always use the same ones just buy in bulk and be happy you’re throwing well. 

Storm points would be another option, but the pixel grip is rough so I’m assuming it’s more the barrel and not the lip between the nose and the point.
I would love wreck flights right now, try RD Hardcore or Raw100 mine last ages and take a lot of abuse. The storm points help a lot,when I had the. Bulls Virus darts the barrels chewed lots of flights due to the rings on the barrel even with Tornado points.
The toughest flights I've ever had were the 180 micron Amazon flights from Darts Clearance. Actually, the black ones were definitely Amazon while I am not sure about the white ones...perhaps Pentathlon... Anyway, if the nose of your barrel damages the flights, then you need either storms or tridents.
180 Trident cones - they will smooth out the point/barrel transition - cheap as chips, very effective.

O Rings - Little rubber rings - you can slip these into any grooves on the nose cone.

Now this will fill the grooves on the nose cone... so they (The vertical lip at the back of any exposed groove) wont catch the trailing edge of a flight.
the effectiveness of this is relative to how deep, wide the nose cone grooves are.

I use these rubber rings on my Ronin Makoto's and my Red Dragon Lorraine Winstanley's - both have a very barbaric habit of chewing up flights like a tungsten cookie monster. The rubber rings do work.

Down side is you alter your grip level here and the rubber rings don't last that long, the sharp edges of the flights meeting the soft rubber tends to slice through them eventually. but O rings are cheap too... So if you have a set of nice expensive flights then you will extend their lifespan with these techniques. -

If you need colour... you can get coloured "Ringos" from Target. More expensive than black ones, but still cheap in the grand scheme of things.
I found that these Pentathalon flights (100 micron, dimplex) are pretty hardcore.

As others have said, the main problem is the sharp flat end on your darts. I got some RvB silver stars cheap (about 8 quid!) from ebay (like these) - I like the darts but they were chewing up all my flights (even with my bad grouping!).

The solution I use is the Trident plastic cones (here they are). You could also repoint your darts with points that have a cone built in, however the plastic cones are cheaper/easier to do at home.

There is a chance (depending upon how you grip the dart) that the cones will interfere - in this case you just have to take the hit on flights.
Some very useful replies and help here!!

Thanks everyone Smile
Give some 75 micron flights a try, bit more give in them.  Higher micron flights over 100 for me are brittle, just my 2 cents. Smile
I wish I had your problem so I could replace flights as I get bored using the same ones. Tearing up flights used to be an issue till I swapped out my points to storms.
I would use pentathlon 150 microns because they are cheaper than 100 micron targets and if you buy them in bulk there will be a discount.

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I guess most of the "fit flight" style flights are pretty tough - I use the L Style flights and they look untouched after about 3 months of throwing.
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