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Full Version: How often do you practice?
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Was just wondering how often you guys practice before feeling the need to take a few days off? I think I have been playing so much lately that I am throwing my arm out lol. Trying to get myself into a routine to play every night but not enough to make my arm sore.
I try to throw at least an hour a day, every day...it's enough to keep me at my present level. I'll try to get extra time in at least twice a week. I know I should do more because I want to get better...at least a 60 avg playing out. I'm almost a 60 avg at home and less than 50 in competition. One problem is I'm not getting any younger and my joints get achy where they never used to....lol. All I can say is do as much as you can but make sure it's GOOD practice. Just throwing darts while watching tv will not do the trick....you will pick up bad habits that way. Luck and shoot well! Big Grin
I practice on Tuesday and Friday for about an hour, and Saturday for around three hours with breaks. Sometimes an.hour on Sunday as well. I maintain an.average of around 45 double out. I know I have to practice more to get my average up, but due to long work hours/traffic it is almost impossible to get some decent practice in. And my girlfriend, who doesn't like darts, also needs some attention of course ?
As said the time does not matter but the quality of practice does........ I may play for about 60-90 minutes a day but try and make sure that 45. Minutes of that is good structured practice
I try to practice 4 nights a week and play league 1 night. If it's just a light throw to keep my eye in I might only go 30-45 minutes but I try for at least 1.5 hours to try to get better.
I try to practice for half an hour, 2-3 times a day, everyday.
I try to do an hour every evening, but sometimes it may turn into 2 or 3 hours if I'm in the zone. If I'm in the zone, I forget about time. Occasionally a miss a day here and there, but not often. I try to have a purpose for every practice session, but sometimes I just end up practicing on auto-pilot, which is not good.
When I started back I was throwing 2 hours a day for several weeks before my shoulder gave me issues so I had to start throwing every other day till I get used to the motion.
I throw about every day or at least 5 days a week up to 2 hours at a time. I never thought throwing shorter times several times a day worked for me as I just never got in the groove.
Wow, i th only can make time for about 1 hour per week, splitt in small sessions

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I practice 1 to 2 hours a day. I am retired, so it's a lot easier for me to find the time.
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