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Full Version: Gran 3 Information from Gran Customer Support
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Hi Everyone,

I am posting this reply from Shuji, about the Gran 3 board.  From his earlier help, I found out that if the board firmware does not load properly, you just keep doing it until it does.  Your tablet or mobile phone will tell you when the app is ready for an update, and the app will tell you when the board firmware is ready for an update.  This was not clear to me when I got my Gran 3, which was probably responsible for some of my problems.

Since I installed the current firmware 6.1.1 (as of January 2019) the board is working great.  All of the firmware 6.1.0 issues are gone.  For those new to this board if you purchase one with the 6.1.0 firmware, you must follow this process to the letter from Gran:  First of all, can you download the update procedure manual from the link below and try updating the firmware?

Android version

ios  version

I noticed a delay time from the time the board firmware update looked like it updated (looking at the led displays), to the time the time iOS or Android device says Successful.  This was one of the mistakes I made when learning how to do the update.  

I’ve found that Gran Support takes time to get a reply, but they do reply, it’s obvious that they are just very very busy.  Thank you Shuji for your help, and your English is just fine, if your reading this.

Shuji Tani (GRAN DARTS) 
1月28日 20:46 JST
Hello Rick,

this is Shuji of GRAN DARTS support.
Sorry for the late reply.
I am not good at English, so I may not be able to respond accurately, but please forgive me.

"Does the app only update itself, or does the Apple store tell you when a update is available?"
Firmware update is not an application but to update PCB program inside GRANBOARD main unit.
Since the update program is held in the application beforehand, it is not obtained from server communication or APP STORE.
The application will not be notified when the latest update is released, minor bug fixes, etc. 
In case of changing the server program, adding games, fixing a serious bug, we will notify you when you open the application.

"About all parameters of the Gran 3"
>Response Interval:
The response interval is the interval setting between accepting the first dart → the second dart...
The longer it goes to the right of the setting bar, the shorter it goes to the left.

>Outer Sensor Sensitivity:
This is an adjustment function of the sensitivity of the device that makes out judgment.
The out sensor is not a switch type sensor like a target number, but it senses the vibrations generated on the board, 
and sends a signal of the out judgment to the application when the strength of the vibration exceeds the set value.
Since the intensity varies depending on the installation environment of the board, the sensitivity of the sensor can be freely changed by the user.
※Fixed directly to the wall, fixed using a bracket, attached to the board stand, various others. . .

>Target area sensor
It is very difficult to explain this function in detail.
Set 4 is the default setting and sets 1, 2, and 3 are set to be less sensitive than default. 
If you feel that there are a lot of mistakes in set 4, we recommend you change it.

"About game purchase"
Once you buy a game, you can play that account for the rest of your life. It is not purchase per play but purchase of the right to play in the game.

"Is there more games that will be released for the grand board 3?"
Yes, of course. However, development takes time, so it is difficult to answer about the schedule etc.

"Are there any other firmware upgrades for the iPad/Android and board planned?"
Updating the firmware is not an application but an update of PCB program in GRANBOARD 3. ios, Android It is common to all devices.

Did I answer all your questions?

Best regards,
Thanks for the info. I will archive this as I am about to purchase a GB3.