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Full Version: XQmax Razor1 - Short Review
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Never seen a mention of this board on the forum, not a big suprise as the market for boards is pretty much parted between Winmau, Unicorn and One80. Than Target will sell a few boards due to their name and than you are still left with Harrows.

XQMax also is not a manufcaturer and more like a brand, that gets darts etc. produced from othe companies and just sell it under their name. That is okay, but why should anyone buy a board, that is most likely a rebranded board from one of the manufactuers named above?

But I am a Nutz and this board was cheap. At least on one day in Germany. On black friday this was sold for 19.99€ (around £17.70) by McDart.de. A cheap price for a bristle board with a modern razor wire.
Also it is available at dartscorner for £24.00, so still cheap in the UK.

So I ordered it yesterday and it was delivered today.

First impression was not good. I did not expect a lot, but I managed to be underwhelmed. A lot of veins, really bad paint job. The wire of the bullseye was in my opinion standing out too much.

Also the screw for the back of the board to put it in a wall bracket was not going in deep enogh, so I needed to use one I kept from a Blade 4. Not really giving you confidence that it will not fall off the wall.

Otherwise the board feels rather soft and is pretty quiet, at least compared to the Blade 5 I had up before it.

I don't know who made the Razor1 boards, but to me the bracket for the number ring looks the same shape as the one of the Harrows Matchplay board. But don't know if Harrows is the manufacturer of the board.

So the basic assumption is, don't buy it unless it is cheap. I can't comment on the durability. If I will use it long enough, I will post an update.

But judge yourself about the quality.

[Image: vYL1W2a.jpg]
(Click on to maximize it)
[Image: MzNBqJj.jpg]

[Image: 2LcizFa.jpg]

[Image: ISfhjAW.jpg]

[Image: Pl6zJNL.jpg]

[Image: rl8k8nm.jpg]

[Image: sTHLfCp.jpg]

[Image: Z0nyLAR.jpg]

[Image: Y5jM2ON.jpg]

Mounted on the wall and with lightning. So reason for the colour change.
[Image: 7uNOo4r.jpg]

[Image: H0T1H74.jpg]
Thanks for the above - the screw wouldn't bother me as I don't use them with the Unicorn Wall Clamp anyway, but looking at the pictures I would say it doesn't look to be the best quality. I think I'll stick with the G3 going forward, unless there are good deals going for either a Winmau or Unicorn bladed board.
Ayup VJ

I've seen worse for more money, if you get 6 months out of it it's served a purpose.

Agree, it's pretty poor,  Definitely don't like the look of that bull ring.  Can't be that much wire left in the sisal.  But then, the last board I bought approaching that price was stapled round wire.  But good to know, thanks for sharing your experiment.  Smile
I'd return it. The board is a piece of crap by design or faulty.
Poor indeed .
Don't know how much truth there is to it but I've read before that the XQMax Blade boards are rebranded Unicorn boards.
Cheers, guys.

After checking I am sure this is a rebranded Harrows Pro Matchplay. The design of the numbers on the numbers ring is exactly the same.

Also put the board down today, it is incredibly soft. So soft the darts drop when they enter the board and often sit flat in the board. Extremely frusttrating. Wear seems to be okay, but just not a board for me. Was surely worth the try for 20€, but I also got a board of the quality you can expect for that price.
My old bandit looks exactly like that one (but it's much better). In fact I thought it was a bandit. 20€ but not using it because it's not good enough it's expensive IMHO.
I'd say it looks okay. well, I don't like the Razor1 writing but I could live with that. If it's as durable as the Pro Matchplay, then it'd be a good dartboard. BTW, I reckon all the number rings look the same anyway and I wouldn't be coming to any conclusions just after comparing the number ring to another one.

For the money, it's a bargain and a great dartboard.