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Full Version: Q School 2019
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Ward beats The Owl 5-3 - unlucky Richie, but good points gained
Shepherd beats Bates, so the last two games of the day for a card each are

Jamie Hughes vs Kirk Shepherd
Harry Ward vs Mark McGeeney
Harry Ward takes the first card of the day with a 5-2 victory over McGeeney - good start on the OOM for McGeeney though
And Jamie Hughes takes the second card of the day with a 5-1 victory over Shepherd. Well pleased for Yozza after missing out last year.
Congrats to Harry and Jamie on a well played day. mint
the draw won't be done for another 90 minutes or so, but the link for todays shenanigans is

Draw now up - board calls for the first round games

Good win for Lisa Ashton first round - she beats Andy Jenkins 5-4. Not so good for Fallon and Corrine as they are both out first round.
Early bath for Newton today as well
Seeing some of the first round winners averages I reckon Tom Baughan must be well cheesed off. He has gone out first round with a 97.6 average - his opponent won 5-0 with a 105.8 average.
(01-17-2019, 12:37 PM)mc1958 Wrote: [ -> ]There's still some first round games going on, but I think todays top potential professional is Keith Carter with a 39.0 average - £450 well spent there!!!!


Just looked at the dartsconnect scores. 

Feel for the guy, highest score was 80, lowest was 9, and didn't get on a finish against a guy not exactly on mvg form himself. 

Scores were pub c league level. 

I can only assume 1 of 3 things:

1. Nerves shredded him
2. He is new to darts and just had a go
3. He's not a good player (no insult intended) 

Either of the ways unless it's number 1 wouldn't part with £450 at my standard yet (around 70ave) let alone under 50
He was a bit better today - still under 50 though
So under 50 avg with only scoring darts. He must have lost some kind of a bet LOL
McGeeney won again, surviving 4 match darts of Scott Dale
See that Durrant won 5-2 with a 98.8 average.
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