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Full Version: New Board
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I just got a Winmau Blade 5 dart board. It's amazing. No staples, thin wire, no bounce outs, at least not yet. Before this I had a Rooster dart board that was a birthday gift back in 1988 I think it was. It served it's purpose. Now my son has it in his dorm room. He just has to figure out how to hang it without nails in the walls. I told him to try command strips and replace the hook hanger with the board mounting clip. That should work. I recommend the Blade 5 to anyone looking for a new board. I have no idea what advantage you get from the dual core. I figured since I don't know I don't need to spend the extra $30.00.
Hello Bill and welcome to the forum Smile
Very nice Bill. It's a great board. Not sure you'll get 30 years out of it like your last one though. Smile

... and welcome to the forum!