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The race is on. Venue for 45th Winmau World Masters announced

Players race to qualify for the world’s longest-running darts major

[Image: spa18.png] [Image: 45wm.png]

The world’s best darts players will descend on the Bridlington Spa, UK once again following the announcement that the 45th Winmau World Masters – the world’s oldest major darts tournament – is to be held at the Yorkshire venue on October 4th to 7th 2018. 

The tournament will showcase the best darting talent culminating in World Masters titles being won in competitions for men, women, boys, girls and players with disabilities.

Players will compete on the floor on October 4th to win places in the Winmau World Masters stage matches, which will culminate in finals to be played on Sunday, October 7th. If that isn’t enough world class darts for you, play-offs for a place in the Lakeside World Championships will take place on October 3rd in the same venue.

The race is now on to win one of the seeded places and automatic qualification for the stage matches. Sixteen are on offer for the men, eight for the women and fifteen for the WDDA disability event. This closes for the seeds on September 9th 2018

Between now and the cut off date of 30th August players will be focused on qualifying for the Winmau World Masters around the world. We’ll be keeping you up to date on who’s in and who’s out of the qualifying spots in our ‘Race to the Winmau World Masters’ series.

With a long way to go, current World Champion Glen Durrant is sitting on top of the BDO rankings with Mark McGeeney and Jim Williams following. Team Winmau’s Scott Mitchell is fourth. In the BDO women’s rankings, Deta Hedman is just ahead of defending Winmau World Master, Lorraine Winstanley in second and Aileen de Graaf. Ten times World Champion and Team Winmau player, Trina Gulliver MBE, is just one place outside the top eight.

Team Winmau’s Ricky Chilton heads the BDDA Road to the Winmau Tour ranking table, with Pete Bramley in second and Shane Havard in third.

“We’re still three months away from the 45th Winmau World Masters, but already players are jostling for position,” says Winmau’s Sales and Marketing Director, Ian Flack. “With such a high standard of darts, they don’t want to have to battle their way through the floor stages. The Winmau World Masters and Lakeside World Championships are the titles everyone on the WDF circuit wants to win. I’m sure Bridlington will do us proud again this year.”

Sue Williams, Chairman of the BDO, said: “This announcement has been a long time coming and the BDO are pleased that once again we will be back in Bridlington for the 2018 Winmau World Masters at the Iconic SPA building”

Ticket information will be available on the Bridlington Spa website shortly: www.bridspa.com
Nice one, thanks for posting Mike. mint
About time they announced the venue for this - the possible future chairman Des Jacklin has been badgering for the Master to be announced for a while and they finally released it this morning.

Not sure who, if anyone, will be covering it on TV yet though!!
Oh, it also confirms that the 2019 BDO World Championships will be at Lakeside again, given it says the qualifiers are on the 3rd.
Recent crowds in the BDO have been disappointing to say the least. Hope the Winmau Bucks the trend, this tournament deserves better

If they want better attendance s then they gotta up their game in the hard sell of the event
Seeds Announced For 45th Winmau World Masters

Some of the best players in the World will descend on Bridlington Spa next week in a bid to become the 45th Winmau World Master and claim victory in the world’s longest running darts major.

The tournament is the culmination of a year-long battle which has seen players travel across Europe to compete in events and earn enough British Darts Organisation (BDO) ranking points to qualify.

Now, with the qualification deadline up, we can reveal all 16 mens and four ladies seeds.

Sitting in the number one seed position, once again, is two-time and reigning BDO World Champion, Glen ‘Duzza’ Durrant who is also a two-time back-to-back Winmau World Master in 2015 and 2016.

The number two seed place goes to England’s Mark McGeeney who will be hoping to go one step further having finished runner-up in the Winmau World Masters over the last two years.

Topping off a fantastic year is Welshman Jim Williams who will go to Bridlington Spa as third seed where he hopes his recent form will take him towards his first BDO major having reached the quarter finals in the competition in 2012 and 2017.

Two-time Winmau World Masters semi-finalist, Wesley ‘Sparky’ Harms takes the fourth seed position ahead of Team Winmau’s World Champion, Scott Mitchell who reached the Masters semi in 2016. Just behind him is Team Winmau stablemate and two-time world champion, Scotty ‘Too Hotty’ Waites who was the 2011 winner.

In the ladies competition, Lorraine Winstanley, the 2017 Winmau World Master, will travel to Bridlington Spa as the number one seed ahead of four-time and reigning BDO world champion, Lisa Ashton, herself a winner of the competition in 2011.

Deta Hedman, a two-time winner of the competition in 1994 and 2013, rounds out an all-England top three. She’s followed by Russia’s Anastasia Dobromyslova, a 2014 Winmau World Master and three-time World Champion in the fourth seed position.

“You only have to take a look at the seeds to realise that this year’s competition is going to be a fantastic festival of darts,” says Winmau’s Sales and Marketing Director, Ian Flack. “The seeds represent the cream of the sport but there are some amazing players, including former World Masters and World Champions in the rest of the field.”

Tickets for the 45th Winmau World Masters are still available here.  

Full Mens seeds list:
  1. Glen Durrant (England)
  2. Mark McGeeney (England)
  3. Jim Williams (Wales)
  4. Wesley Harms (The Netherlands)
  5. Scott Mitchell (England)
  6. Scott Waites (England)
  7. Michael Unterbuchner (Germany)
  8. Gary Robson (England)
  9. Ross Montgomery (Scotland)
  10. Wayne Warren (Wales)
  11. Dave Parletti (England)
  12. Willem Mandigers (The Netherlands)
  13. Chris Landman (The Netherlands)
  14. Richard Veenstra (The Netherlands)
  15. Daniel Day (England)
  16. Scott Baker (England)
Full Ladies seeds list:
  1. Lorraine Winstanley (England)
  2. Lisa Ashton (England)
  3. Deta Hedman (England)
  4. Anastasia Dobromyslova (Russia)

Still no news of any tv/streaming coverage for darts oldest major - and as Winmau have given the BDO notice of their withdrawal of sponsorship, unless Des can get them to change their minds this will be the last staging under the Winmau name as well.

My guess is this will end up streamed on either the BDO youtube channel or on WinmauTV - I really can't see any tv station taking this on now.
Still bugger all info re any TV or streaming for the oldest major in World Darts - as this is the last one under the Winmau name (unless Des pulls off a miracle keeping them on board) it's very sad to see it go out like this.  Anyway draws now up:

Mens - http://www.bdodarts.com/images/bdo-conte...20184.html
Ladies - http://www.bdodarts.com/images/bdo-conte...20189.html
Boys - http://www.bdodarts.com/images/bdo-conte...20183.html
Girls - http://www.bdodarts.com/images/bdo-conte...20181.html
WDDA - http://www.bdodarts.com/images/bdo-conte...20draw.pdf
Taking place today are the World Championship playoffs as well - draws for those

Mens - http://www.bdodarts.com/images/bdo-conte...01816.html
Ladies - http://www.bdodarts.com/images/bdo-conte...01818.html
Youth - http://www.bdodarts.com/images/bdo-conte...01819.html
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