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Full Version: Martin adams not playing many events, anyone know why?
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Hi guys

Anyone know why Adams hasn't played many as its causing him to slip down rankings?? 

By this point in 2017 he'd played 10. This year 3?

Hankey and Fordham also haven't played.many either
Hankey has been out of form for a while now, Fordham tweeted that he isn't playing much because his wife and daughter both have health issues. Not sure why Adams isn't playing a lot but he isn't a young man anymore, could just be taking it easy from now on.
I believe Adams has been playing the events, just not getting near the money stages - the 3 events you say are most likely the 3 that are on dartsdatabase? If so then as an example the World Trophy qualifiers that is showing on his list were held the same weekend as the Welsh open which he played in and got knocked out early - that's not on the list.
Could finally at 60 Adams form be deserting him?
Seen him last week at the Zwaantje Masters, he seemed quite fit. Did not seem in very great form through.
Thought I'd seen/heard some where he has or is recovering from health issues
Well Adams hasn't qualified for the World, first time in 25 years.

Anyone know why his form has so alarmingly dipped??

Lakeside won't be the same without him
Well, Martin Adams not being at the Lakeside/BDO Worlds' is a bit weird - not so much as Phil Taylor not being at Ally Pally now - but probably he needs a bit of a rest and start again. Age could be a factor and he'll probably be commentating if the BDO World's get a TV deal soon.

But it's one of those things - look at Andy Hamilton and Wes Newton among others, great one day and very poor the next.
Age must be playing a part ...
I watched a preview video on the BDO YouTube regarding the upcoming lakeside world pro, and Martin Adams said he has had a few problems this year. One of them being shoulder pain which he left a long while before going to the docs, turns out he has arthritis in the shoulder so he's looking to be back next year.