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Full Version: What music are you listening to right now?
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As the original thread was probably deleted, I'm starting here a new one.

These kids are so cool! And they have good taste in music as well :-)

Ayup ED

I'm listening to the Huey Morgan show on bbc radio 6 music, 10:00 am - 13:00 pm every Saturday.
Great show full of great music.


Better than the version you mainly hear with Barney and Peter Evison.
For some reason I fancied listening to some old Roxy Music today. I started off with the Country Life album and followed it up with For Your Pleasure, and now listening to Siren. Love Is The Drug is the first record I ever danced to in a proper disco back in 1975 - god I feel old now lol.
Abby road

101 year old classical piece by Sir Arnold Bax, spooky.
Bob Dylan - Times are changing
John Coltrane, Blue Train

Has been pointed out the new hardcore radical flights I sometimes use have little a "Fiery Phoenix" - So got this little song from the 70's in my noggin.
Duke Robillard, Blues Full Circle
Kate bush ... greatest hits.
Gaslight Anthem, as I buy tickets to see them in July! 

I have just rediscovered
Abbey road , top album