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whats everyones prefered stems ?
Unicorn Phase 5 (slikstix's) for me
L-style locked 260 (intermediate)
Currently. Target Pro Grip's
Target pro grips for me also
Harrows Supergrip for me

Target pro grip visions all the way.
I'm a fan of Target's Carbon Ti Shorts with my current setup.

The titanium part adds just under a gram to my darts, bringing them closer to 25g, which I prefer.

I was about to upload this pic to another thread, but it's pertinent here also I suppose:
[Image: rL34zOu.jpg]" border="0" alt="resim" onload="NcodeImageResizer.createOn(this);" />
Target pro grip for me...but basically because many people told me about them
I like the cheap and cheerful designs durable nylons or archers vice grips.
I like the plain look of stems without any branding on them
Pro Grip has been my stems from the beginning. Slowly starting to appreciate the cheap durable nylons as well now... and seems like I like the Gripper III two tone a lot for my Andersons.
Cosmos or condors here
L Style 370 carbon slims and Monster Duralumin.
(05-05-2017, 02:23 PM)4737 Carlin Wrote: [ -> ]L Style 370 carbon slims and Monster Duralumin.

Flash git!...... I like your style.
so since this is the beginners forum i hope i wont be eviscerated for this question, but....

what is the difference between aluminum (which i currently use), nylon, and other types?
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