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I'll try to review the Nodor Supamatch2 Dartboard

First of all i'd like to thank Evi, Panagiotis and Giannis from the Double In - Double Out Darts Cafe here in Thessaloniki Greece for giving me the oppurtunity to have this board.

I just got this board but i'm using it for more than a year to the darts cafe i'm playing. So except of the pictures, my expirience with long use and abusement of this board as long comparison with some others will follow.

[Image: qZmjc9X.jpg]


After using this board for more than a year and seeing how it's wearing off i think is one of the top choices out there. Pretty quite. Minimum bounce outs (in fact only if a dart hit the wire i can see one of my darts in the floor). Extra durable and nice clear colours. All these make it a very very well made dartboard.


Nodor is knows for their good dart products and the simplicity of them. Just what you need. :Smile When it is about darts just the barrels and when its about a dartboard a nice board , the mounting bracket and screws, instruction notes and a carton box.

[Image: mLzSUg2.jpg]

[Image: moLp2gt.jpg]

[Image: c595sor.jpg]

[Image: Ego9lu7.jpg]

[Image: rnxPka8.jpg]

[Image: vuRwOV9.jpg]

[Image: Sw8FvFK.jpg]


The colors of the board are just how i like them especially the black is deep like velvet. The colours (and the whole board to be honest) is identically to the Winmau Blade4 (same company though). The only thing i would like to change is the central screw. I'd really liked it to be a threaded screw instead of this fat wood screw but it works perfect though.

[Image: lGklg02.jpg?1]

[Image: q6GWXzP.jpg]

[Image: rN6ZVPz.jpg]

[Image: PsjjL38.jpg]

[Image: GtVtKGn.jpg]

[Image: bElvjaW.jpg]

[Image: Pwh4GqI.jpg]

[Image: scfCDDF.jpg]


The colour of the numbers are silver to grey and the clips are really simple mounted with nails. Once (after a long abusement) i saw one of the clips brake but i don't think that it will happen to a carefull player.

[Image: WoBUSXP.jpg?1]

[Image: rYO8KYs.jpg?1]

[Image: 5Z1P8Sx.jpg]

[Image: Ar3n20B.jpg]


[Image: PrqBCN3.jpg]

[Image: najUIrk.jpg]

[Image: DrwZT58.jpg]

[Image: D4f3cUv.jpg]

I think that the first thing that someone looks when he examines a board is the bull's area. As you can see the bull is perfectly center with no faults of colour or spider's ends can be seen. Thats really nice.

The spider on this board is identical to the Blade 4. I love the thing that the wires ended in the bull aren't one piece but they overlapse each other and end under the outer bull wire. In my experiene i saw many unicorn eclipse boards with the wires of the doubles went out, after getting many shots in the outer-bull wire , as a result of the fact that the whole wire system was one piece so the board got ruined when the spider bented out while the sisal had much life in it.

[Image: tZ9EtvG.jpg]

[Image: mF8gpeh.jpg]

[Image: nL9c2fN.jpg]

[Image: 4nECqcN.jpg]

[Image: PrNrd15.jpg]

[Image: crRqKWd.jpg]

[Image: Mibhckh.jpg]

[Image: QYZ1ZmF.jpg]

[Image: gLCZhxo.jpg]

[Image: QdTMkiI.jpg]

[Image: B9PXFs7.jpg]

[Image: pktclV5.jpg]

[Image: aoH98Zx.jpg]


[Image: sY1qXLa.jpg?1]

[Image: 9QqG7ck.jpg]

[Image: lYPGz6j.jpg]

[Image: mE7h78B.jpg]

[Image: 9qNikOW.jpg]

[Image: u71m9sh.jpg]

[Image: ViLB7ca.jpg]

[Image: Idk1P1w.jpg]

[Image: 7brDusc.jpg]

[Image: fzv3vJ2.jpg]

[Image: 1AIDL3A.jpg]

[Image: LfPIpVk.jpg]

[Image: YWg9Xji.jpg]

[Image: 6nFUIp1.jpg]

The next photos are from the darts cafe i'm playing. The boards are exactly 1 month old and every day they get shooted for many hours. The place is open from 10am to 3am. There is 5 days of different leagues and tourments every week. So they get grouped darts from good players, hard throwed and collected darts for many players that come to play for first time, little kids throwing with anyway and graping the darts to get them back etc. So this is an extreme durability test.

[Image: hk1rWYk.jpg]

[Image: uT3pmvs.jpg]

[Image: 3fE7aQ4.jpg?1]

[Image: 80bqBKT.jpg]

[Image: CJcL66O.jpg]

As you can see, despite the fact that i choose the most buttered areas, the sisal holds well and the wires are in excelent condition just rotate the board twice every week. Smile


In the other hand the target's pro tour shown below is in way worst condition and i can tell that the pro tours had less amount of darts on them cause the most of the players here like to play to the nodors.

[Image: YvROiiG.jpg]

[Image: x04mhgI.jpg]

[Image: wezLHq7.jpg]

[Image: 4rwDjHw.jpg]

I'm not so lucky to have seen all the dartboards that are in market but i've played for several months with some of them:

One80 Gladiator 2: The most durable board from all BUT very hard. Even with my heavy throw i had some darts in the floor. Other teammates with less power in ther throw was seeing most of their darts don't stick on the board.

Unicorn Eclipse: Very nice board but not very durable the fact that the wires of the doubles pop out is the worst.

Target Pro Tour: In my opinion not something to talk about. Very soft and the less durable of them all. Also i think is a very loud board.

Winmau Blade 4: This is the one. Identical with the Nodor Supamatch 2. I just like the winmau logos more.


To be honest at first sight i didn't find anything wrong. After searching for somethig bad and when i look to the board with not a usual angle i only found that in one of the triple segments its a small black part and  a tiny green spot in the Bull's Eyes area. So in fact no problems at all.

[Image: z4xKhAv.jpg]


The retail price of this board is from 27 to 32 pounds.
The price buying it from Greece is 53 euros (46 pounds) which is a really good price considering that the cost of only shipping a board to Greece from the UK is 44 euros (38 pounds). So thank you again Double in Double out


For me is a perfect board. Soft, quiet, with clear colours, durable, no bounce outs and in a reasonable price. I will easily recommend it in anyone. The only thing i could change is the central mounting screw, as said before. Well Done again NODOR DARTS
Great review and pictures . That's an easy +1 from me
Excellent work John! Great closeup pictures! Have a +1 Smile
Superb review thanks. It also great to see how one of these boards has performed in the darts cafe.
Great review with great photos... +1.
(10-02-2016, 09:03 AM)ChrisTheFish Wrote: [ -> ]Great review and pictures . That's an easy +1 from me

(10-02-2016, 09:52 AM)Balin Wrote: [ -> ]Excellent work John! Great closeup pictures! Have a +1 Smile

(10-02-2016, 11:49 AM)Humdinger Wrote: [ -> ]Great review with great photos... +1.

thank you very much. I'm glad you liked it
(10-02-2016, 11:09 AM)rich345 Wrote: [ -> ]Superb review thanks. It also great to see how one of these boards has performed in the darts cafe.

Thank you rich. I think this is the ultimate test. Having a board at home it will last for long for sure cause you buyed you respect it and you can play for 15 hours a day (or... maybe you can). Having a board in a darts cafe shows the real durability of it
Top review John! Well done! +1

Looks same as B4 in all but name really Smile
(10-02-2016, 02:08 PM)Getagrip Wrote: [ -> ]Top review John!  Well done! +1

Looks same as B4 in all but name really Smile

Thank you Darren.
Yes it looks and it is the same. Just different artwork
Great review, makes me want to buy a new board

Enjoy darts
Well done
Well done review, +1 from me.
Great review John +1

I love the way this board (Blade 4) looks, just wished it had thinner wires like the G2/HD2.
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